Cardassian Advance

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Background Information[edit]

Cardassian Union/Order of Twelve[edit]

First encountered by the now defunct Task Force 47, the Order of Twelve has been identified as a faction within the Cardassian Guard. A Starfleet Intelligence report is quoted as stating their goal as, “...hell bent on destabilizing the Gavarian Corridor and ending the Federation presence in the region. The Federation, the Romulans nor the Cardassians themselves are safe from this dangerous clandestine unit that does not discriminate in its targets. If you are seen to support the peace in the region, you are a target for this organized rebel group.”

Early reports stated that the Order was believed to have been made up of Cardassians from all over the Union. However, Starfleet has reason to believe that it was being fed false information and now believe that their were indications that the Order of Twelve was trying to penetrate all aspects of government.

It is currently unknown as to whether or not this terrorist faction has access to any Starships but the possibility of this cannot be ruled out; gaining access to technology and weapons is seemingly very easy for this group.

Their presence is already being felt in the Corridor with a number of ships from all sides going missing, believed to be destroyed, by this new faction. Starfleet Intelligence is reported to have even considered sending out several different operatives to try and infiltrate the unit.

Breen Confederacy[edit]

Since the setbacks of the Breen Crisis, the galaxy has noticed that the Breen are no longer a major power as seen during the Dominion War. The Domo of the Breen Confederacy has been disgraced and replaced by Gor who is a veteran of the Dominion War. Gor saw the Breen Crisis as a mistake and even stated such, but he didn’t make any moves against the crisis since he saw the conflict as a way to get rid of his enemies

In the aftermath of the conflict and the appointment of the new Domo, the Confederacy has been weakening. Various intelligence agencies across the galaxy have made a note that the Treaty of Bajor and now the Treaty of Valoris, the Breen Militia was scaled down to ½ of it’s operating force making it one of the smallest defense/military forces in the Alpha Quadrant for a major power.

The Cardassian Advance[edit]

On October 10, 2388, the Breen Confederacy was rocked in the aftermath of the Breen Crisis when the Second and Fifth Order of the Cardassian Guard breached their borders retaking two systems the Dozaria and Portas V systems that were given to the Breen by the Dominion during the Dominion War. Starfleet Intelligence has reports that have indicated that the Breen Militia has been crippled.

Starfleet has been shocked that the Cardassian Union has launched an attack since they are still challenging the Romulan Empire over the Gavarian Frontier. Yet, Starfleet and the Federation have began to worry about it spilling over into the Federation and has ordered Task Force 72 to a heightened alert level.

To support these duties, new assets were assigned to Task Force 72 including new staff, additional starships, a Diplomatic Corps detachment as well as a Corps of Engineers detachment.

With the start of this new conflict, the powers of the Alpha Quadrant are nervous. After the Dominion War, the Cardassian Union was the weakest of the powers in the quadrant. The Order of Twelve has caught Starfleet Intelligence off guard and as a result, Starfleet Command is left wondering what this new militarism Cardassian Union will be like.