Sister Sims

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Sister Sims of the USS Cairo

Sister Sims

Vindex.png USS Vindex, Task Force 9
Based in the area of space surrounding Starbase Unity in the Idran Region of the Gamma Quadrant, the Vindex and her crew are now tasked with exploring the unknown space around the starbase we call home. It has been a rollercoaster ride for the Vindex's crew so far, but with The Consortium threat ended and peace finally returned to the Idran Region, we can be the explorers we signed up to be.

Come and join us on our new adventures as we seek to discover the unknown, visiting those strange new worlds, making new friends and forming new partnerships along our way across the Gamma Quadrant.

Nogura.png USS Nogura, Task Force 9
As a Sovereign-class starship that underwent a massive refit and crew rotation following a traumatic incident in the plasma fields of the Badlands, the Desolate Expanse and later the Gamma Quadrant, the Nogura created history and a proud name for herself and her crew. That proud ship has since been retired as part of the Fleet Modernization Program and in her place, a brand new ship of the same class with the latest in technological advancements including holocommunications. The ship now brings its proud name and history with it to Task Force 9 of the 4th Fleet.

As commander of this fine crew, it is my job to see them safely through to the other side and beyond. Here, you will find out about our trials and tribulations. If you like what you read there is just one option open to you - join us… and experience the journey for yourself.