The Call of Service

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The Call of Service[edit]

  • Authors: Lieutenant Commander Derin Ral
  • Mission: Episode 1 - A New Home
  • Location: Starfleet Personnel Shuttle B-017
  • Timeline: October 1, 2388-0500 Hours

The ride was long and uneventful. Derin had taken some much needed time on Betazed after his tour on the Vienna. His mother relished the visit, his father too. But to Derin Betazed was not his home anymore. He belonged amongst the stars, far away from the pull of planetary gravity and natural atmosphere.

Derin peered out the starboard side viewport just as the shuttle came into view of Roosevelt Station. The large Cardassian station was ominous and imposing compared to the sleek Federation ships that surrounded it.

"Sir", Said the pilot."We are approaching Roosevelt Station."

Derin smiled. " Send security clearances and request permission to dock."

The pilot nodded and tapped away at his control console. "We're being directed to Docking Platform 2."

The Betazoid commander watched as the shuttle glided into position and descended onto the prescribed platform. The shuttle gave a slight jolt as it set down and the station's docking clamps engaged.

"Airlock is pressurized." Said the pilot. He turned. "Godspeed sir, and good luck on Cairo."

Derin clapped a hand on the man's. "Thanks Fred. Safe travels." He turned from the cockpit to the rear compartment and gathered his things. He lifted a few cases onto the cargo transporter and beamed them to a storage space on the station and then slung his ruck over his should and descended into the station.