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Captain Jerel Ecton

Name Jerel Ecton

Position Civilian

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ullian
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Jerel is an older man who holds himself up to a high standard. His hair is always groomed immaculately and he keeps himself fit.


Spouse Felicia Ecton

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jerel is competent and very scary. He has served in Intel for most of his career and considers himself a spook. He had not thought much of his abilities before until he was forced during the wars that ensued that his special abilities could help him out.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very powerful in Telepathy and Empathy
Tends to be stubborn and very good at evading question
Ambitions To lead Starfleet Intel
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts

Personal History Jerel grew up with his many family members on the outskirts of Lazkar on Ullia Prime. Spending his life amount the telepathic people was something he was happy for as you co uldn't easily lie mind to mind.

He became obsessed with the memory searchers of his people which put him into contact with more federation members then he ever thought would be possible. A ship that had come to Ullia Prime took him away from his planet to be trained at the Federation. 2.5 years later he returned home after graduating the Academy very fast.

While there he married Felicia another of his people's more militaristic groups. She had just come back from a tour of duty as a Marine. They married and each took a years special leave to travel and to start the family that both of them so ardently wanted.

When they returned to duty the children went with Felicia who had a ground based posting which would allow her to have the children near. Jerel was sent to the USS Carstairs to become there Intel Agent. He was promoted quickly to Lt and given the whole of Intel to command. He stayed with the Carstairs for 8 years.

His next post was the USS Vallyce where he became the XO and Assistant Head of Sector Intel. He was promoted to Commander and while station on Vallyce he was given equal amount of time away from the ship to work on Intel.

He was moved to Gracia Starbase next and promoted to Head of Sector Intel. Promoted to Captain. He stayed with Gracia Starbase for 15 years until he was moved over to Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy Senior Instructor for Intel. It was what he was promoted to and while he truly loves it he misses field work at times

He decided to retire to be able to spend more time with his wife and he knew that as he aged he wanted a chance to really just enjoy his life without thinking of the intel work he had done.
Service Record Formerly a member of one of the best Intel Teams around Jerel was not quite the nice person that he portrays. He has abused his Psychic Abilities to get the necessary information from people who were reluctant to give this. All in the name of the Federation and it's security. He has a ruthless streak that is tempered only by the love he has for his wife and children.

Jerel didn't start his career with Starfleet by going through the Academy but was given field promotion to be an officer because of skills that was needed. With special dispensation he was granted special allowance to stay in Starfleet as Intel agent.

USS Calynx -- his first posting an an Ensign where he was an Analyst for the Chief of Intel. He spent 5 years serving this person and never was promoted until another ship approached him for a transfer as they needed an Analyst.

USS Pretense -- Moving from the Calynx he was promoted to Lt JG and put as an Analyst for Intel. Within a year he was promotion to Intel Officer where he served for 5 years again.

USS Trax -- Moving to the Trax was something special as he was promoted again to LT and given the Assistance Chief of Intel. He ran the Analysts. When a chance torpedo strike killed the Chief of Intel he was promoted to take that role.

USS Carnivore -- a strong war ship during the Dominion War he came on as Chief Intel and promoted to Lt Commander. He served with distinction however because of his strong ties to the mind he was often put in charge of questions prisoners. This earned his first Black Mark as he probed a mind forcefully causing issues for the Dominion Warrior.

USS Canwyll -- Moving to the Canwyll after his botched attempt he was put into a Black Ops ship which was to try and find ways to prevent the Dominion from gaining more than what they had. He was promoted to Commander after 3 months there and he became one of the top Analytical minds working on the Dominion issue and finding ways to push things through

StarBase Empok Nor -- Jerel transferred to Empok Nor and placed there for a specific purpose he was to become a leading person on Wartime tactics involving psychological warfare. He was given command of a large group of analysts who also were experts. He hid away for 5 years studying all of the data and making reports to the Head of Star Fleet Intel. He was promoted to Captain.

Talyn Base -- A hidden base was set up for a training in Black Ops Intel work. This was run by Jerel Ecton who would make a good accounting of himself by training Intel Operatives. This lasted for 4 years before he was moved.

Starfleet Academy -- Moving to Academy to become an Instructor was an interesting change for Jerel. He trained a lot of areas including Ethics for those with the abilities to read emotions and minds. 2 years

Star Fleet Academy -- Promoted to Senior Instructor