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Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander

Name Jarin Alexander

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jarin is in great physical condition and works to keep his body in shape. A tall and handsome man, he keeps his hair with in regulations and sometimes lets his facial hair get scruffy if he has been busy.


Father Captain Jason Alexander - Former Commanding Officer, USS Hera (Deceased)
Mother Commander Carrie Alexander - Former Executive Officer, USS Dallas (Retired)
Brother(s) Lt. Commander Tismir Alexander, MD - Chief Medical Officer, USS Pluto
Other Family Admiral Harry Alexander - Starfleet Intelligence
Vice Admiral Sara Alexander, MD - Commanding Officer, USS Clara Barton

Personality & Traits

General Overview Typically a calm individual, who handles stressful situations well. A dedicated Starfleet officer who is well trained in close quarters combat with or without weaponry. Less experienced than he would like to be when it came to space battle Jarin is very respectful of his superior officers and finds himself volunteering for dangerous away missions trying to protect others.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Close Quarters Combat
+Starfleet Weapons Expert

-Lacks Experience With Space Tactics
-Will Put Himself In Danger
Ambitions Jarin would like to continue his career in Starfleet and possibly get a transfer into Starfleet Intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests Working out, martial arts, weapons practice, holonovels, reading.

Personal History Perhaps being born into a Starfleet family with a family history of being Starfleet Officers was a blessing for both Jarin and his brother, they had a far different life than most Bajorans their age and older. The two grew up on Federation starships that were traveling the stars, assisting people in time of need, fighting for the people of the Federation when need be and exploring in times of peace. The brothers childhood was as about as normal as two children who grew up on a starship could be, their parents were not very religious like many Bajorans and were often busy with their duties.

Jarin was pretty heartbroken when his older brother left the family to start at Starfleet Academy, Tismir had already decided he wanted to be a scientist. He was particularly interested in temporal mechanics and had a knack for stellar cartography. Just a month later the boy’s father was given his first assignment as a Starfleet Captain and the family moved to the USS Arizona. Luckily Lieutenant Commander Alexander could also be transferred as the Arizona needed a Chief Medical Officer and had room for family members. The Galaxy Class, USS Arizona was sent on a deep space survey mission that was supposed to take several years to complete. However the Arizona was recalled along with all Federation starships to assist in Dominion war.

A month after their first encounter with the Dominion the USS Arizona was severely damaged and many of the crew were lost, including Captain Alexander. What was left of the Arizona was towed back to a starbase to be scraped or repaired and the crew was set to be immediately assigned. It was at that time that Doctor Alexander turned in her immediate resignation, the family had just suffered a major loss and she needed some time off.

A year later Jarin was off to join his brother at Starfleet Academy and their mother was teaching nurses in a private college back on Earth. Tismir was doing well in his studies and was now completing advanced science courses. The families new cadet was managing to do well in his basics, but kept getting distracted by more fun.

However after his brother and mother talked some sense into the young man he got his head back on his shoulders and stayed away from the parties and the ladies. Cadet Jarin Alexander managed to hold down a decent score in starship tactics and did well in weapons training. The young Cadet had interest in starship design and technology, but had to focus on his major to pass with a decent grade.

Ensign Alexander's first assignment was on a Nova class starship. The USS Hawk was assigned to several different missions while Trusi served aboard. When the Chief Security/Tactical Officer retired his deputy stepped into the lead role and asked Ensign Naru to be his new assistant, which he gladly accepted. The two would would make a good team over the next several months, until the ship was badly damaged while answering a distress call and attempting to rescue a fellow crew that had lost warp core containment. They managed to rescue most of the crew and keep the Hawk in one piece, but they to would need rescuing and ended up being towed to a nearby starbase for repairs. That starbase was Roosevelt Station and TJarin would be transferred to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the station.