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Colonel Adam Stone

Name Adam William Stone

Position Marine Detachment Commanding Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Adam is not a physically imposing man in his normal attire. His physical strength is not overtly displayed through bulging muscles. He is lean and athletic looking in build. He is of average height for a human and keeps himself in good condition by strictly following his exercise plan. His brown hair is kept short, for a civilian or long for a service member.

His black eyes have been described as cold or emotionless by subordinates and mischievous or playful and loving by friends and family. How this is possible, he isn't sure since his eyes are completely black. He has a friendly and infectious grin and is considered easy going until someone pushes his good humor too far and then they discover he does not tolerate fools gladly, sometimes violently.


Spouse Brigadier General Katana Leah
Children Adam Stone Jr (Newborn)
Father Matthew Stone, Chief of Police, Los Angeles
Mother Alexandra Stone, Nurse (Ret.)
Brother(s) David Stone, Starfleet Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Fremont
Sister(s) Susanna Stone, Medical Student, Fourth Year, Harvard Medical
Other Family None Listed on Record

Personality & Traits

General Overview Coming from a family of military and law enforcement Adam has a deeply ingrained sense of duty and responsibility. His sense of duty compelled him to join the SFMC, as his grandfather had. He had planned to go into law enforcement upon retiring from the Corps, his father’s influence showing through. He personally believes family should always come first, then duty to your cause. In his case his sense of duty to the Federation was the driving force in his life until he discovered he had a daughter.

After spending so long in the Corps he is finding the transition to being a father trying at times. He sometimes resorts to his military bearing when faced with a situation he isn't prepared for in his personal life. At work he is considered calm and collected, if sometimes aloof.
Strengths & Weaknesses Adam is cool and collected in tense situations. He tries to keep the big picture in mind when dealing with problems. A dedicated and loyal team player he can be relied on by all around him. He has a friendly disposition, unless pushed too far. He is known as a practical joker and a 19th and 20th century Earth military history buff.

Adam is a man of action and his little patience when bureaucracy hinders resolving a situation. He isn't afraid to give his opinion, be it positive or negative to whoever needs it, be they superior or subordinate. This has occasionally hampered his career advancement.
Ambitions For the longest time Adam had sought command of his own battalion. However certain events and his own ability to let his mouth get the better of him at times had made that more difficult.
Hobbies & Interests Adam considers himself to be an avid outdoorsman. He has no problem going out for a weekend to climb a mountain all day and set up camp at the top and sleep under the stars. Or kayaking down a river until dusk and fishing for his dinner.

During his time in the Marine's he developed a love for martial arts of all types, terran or otherwise. He uses them as an extensive part of his workouts. During his quiet moments he is a firm believer in meditation and has been known to sit down at night and play his guitar.

Personal History Adam was born into a police family. His grandfather had been a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps as an MP. His father had gone straight to the LAPD academy immediately after graduating high school. He eventually became the Chief of Police. Adam was the oldest of three children and became known to the family as the ‘little detective’. He was always searching for his younger brother and sister’s missing toys. Later as he and his siblings grew older he would catch his sister boyfriends up in various lies, which made him rather unpopular with his sister. When he turned eighteen he entered the Starfleet Academy Marine Program and majored in Intelligence.

While in the Academy, Adam was on the football team as a running back. He received several injuries, usually two or three each season. He seemed to always be treated by the same intern and her work supervised by whatever doctor was on duty. After this happening numerous times Adam finally laughed one time and asked her out. The pair dated through the rest of his time at the Academy until after he graduated.

Six months after graduating the Academy he is abducted on his way to work at Starfleet Intelligence where he worked as a Marine Liaison. He finds himself in a classified mission where he is cut off from his entire family and friends for the duration of the assignment. Almost four years after being abducted he is reassigned, returns to Starfleet Medical for evaluation and debriefing. He is cleared to return to duty and reports to his next assignment.
Service Record Enters Starfleet Academy Marine Program First Year Cadet

Starfleet Academy Marine Program Second Year Cadet, Majors in Intelligence, Advanced Tactics

Starfleet Academy Marine Program Third Year Cadet

Starfleet Academy Marine Program Fourth Year Cadet, Attends Force Recon Qualification Course in lieu of cadet cruise. Successfully completes’ course.

Graduates Starfleet Academy Marine Program as a Second Lieutenant Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, Earth



Returns to Starfleet Medical for evaluation and debriefing

Cleared to return to full active duty

Reports to USS Benton as Platoon Leader

USS Benton, Promoted to MCaptain, Detachment XO

Assigned to USS Maverick as Marine Detachment Commander

Assigned to 3rd Battalion, 15th Marines as Operations Officer

Promoted to Major and moved to Battalion Executive Officer

Assigned to 2nd Battalion at Camp Kovar as Battalion Commander

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Base Deputy Commander

Promoted to Base Commander

Requests Reassignment & Assigned to USS Cairo as Executive Officer