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Commander Tullos

Name Tullos

Position Deputy Base Commander

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 172 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Like all Andorians Tullos has blue skin, white hair and a pair of antenna a top his head. His antenna are often reactive to his situation and emotions and his crystal blue eyes are captivating. The Commander keeps a professional attire while on duty and dresses rather casually while on personal time, he works very hard to stay in peak physical condition.


Father Base General Tamin - Andorian Imperial Guard
Mother Doctor Salen - Physician Andorian Imperial Guard
Sister(s) Lieutenant Fanara - Andorian Imperial Guard

Personality & Traits

General Overview Commander Tullos is a very dedicated and protective Starfleet Officer. He takes his duty seriously and believes that the Federation has regulations placed for a reason. Tullos always did his job well while climbing the ranks and is a decorated Starfleet Officer.

Like most Andorians Tullos has some immunity to the out door elements, whether heat or cold they seem to be able to hold up better than most humanoid species.

While off duty Tullos likes to have fun and enjoy time with the crew mates that he becomes friends with, which he sometimes finds it hard to do at first. The Andorian considers his close friends 'family' since he doesn't see his Andorian family often.
Strengths & Weaknesses A very dedicated officer who often becomes very protective of his Commanding Officer and generally the entire crew he serves with. A highly skilled combatant with knowledge and training in several forms of hand to hand combat. Tullos is holds top marks in Starfleet hand held weaponry and has trained with several bladed weapons. Commander Tullos is highly experienced in starship tactics and displays great leadership abilities.

The downside to being an Andorian is they tend to let their anger get the best of them, which Tullos has often done during his career in Starfleet. The Commander has also been known to lash out at subordinates and once his Commanding Officer, which did not end well. The Commander never had a lot of interest in sciatific matters, but knows the basics of most departments aboard the ship.

One of Tullo's downfalls are he will risk himself for his crew and family, but wouldn't ask the same of anyone else and is overly protective.
Ambitions Tullos would like to continue his meditations and continue to learn to suppress or channel his anger to a better place and not lash out. Commander Tullos would also like to continue to climb the ranks in Starfleet and perhaps hold his own command one day, while continuing to serve the Federation to the best of his ability.
Hobbies & Interests Meditation is Tullos's favorite past time. He also enjoys several out door adventure hobbies that his friends have introduced him to. Continuing his martial arts training and staying in fit physical condition are also very important to Tullos.

Personal History Born in 2355 to a typical Andorian family, the first born son Tullos. A name he inherited from his mothers father, who was a General in the Andorian Imperial Guard when he passed. The new parents were thrilled that their first born child was a male, someone who could follow in their foot steps and their parents foot steps and serve the Imperial Guard.

A few years later a female child came along and the family felt complete to the parents of the two children. As the years passed the family, like most Andorian families grew close. They did many things together, including Tamin and Salen training their children in basic hand to hand combat. The children would do their studies, come home do chores, train with their parents and then have free time. This routine would continue through their teens, even when the children didn't seem interested.

As the children grew older their mother secretly pushed them to join Starfleet, the Andorians were members of the Federation however. Their father already had it in his head that his boy would join the Imperial Guard, but upon coming of age Tullos suprised his parents. He told them he wanted to attend Starfleet Academy, he still wanted to protect his parents and the people of the Federation.

The second he was accepted into the Academy the young Cadet knew he wanted to follow in his ancestors foot steps and be trained in Security and Starship Tactics. As he all but flew through his basic studies the young Cadet grew close to a small group of friends. They would become extremely close as they each represtended different areas of training and completed many simulations together.

The second time the young Andorian felt extreme anger and sadness was the day he and his friends graduated and only he and his friend from the science department were assigned to the same post. A week into their first mission Tullos was reprimanded by the Executive Officer for his anger issues and an official note made in his service jacket. Three months after their assignemnt to the USS Virginia the aging excelsior class starship was damaged badly enough, loosing several dozen crew members including the Commanding Officer that it was mothballed and the crew transfered to different assignments.

Unfortunatly for Ensign Tullos, his new Commanding Officer was Commander Mark Harris. Commander Harris was the same XO that had made the note in the Ensigns record. However as the crew of the newly commissioned Intrepid class starship continued to work together they came to trust each other. Ensign Tullos actually saved the life of his CO and an Ambassador on an away mission, when he was assigned as an escort for the Romulan Ambassador.

By the time Tullos was reassigned he was being assigned to the USS Kess, a freshly built Luna Class starship. The Lieutenant Junior Grade was assigned as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, learning the ropes as an assistant department head was slightly stressful at first. Between the stress of his new position, the missions the Kess were facing, and missing his family the young officer was considered to hard on his trainees. He would run them through drills for hours until they got it right and ended up being ordered to visit with the ships counsolor.

Not long after Tullos started working with the Captain of the USS Kess on meditation techniques to help him channel his anger and control his reactions. Of course this was no over night process and as Captain T'van and Tullos continued to work their friendship grew stronger. This crew was like his second family, he had served with them the longest and had become very protective. The crew of the Kess were on a five year mission on a deep space exploration, just what the Luna Class Starship was built for.

The ship encountered a special anomaly and a shock wave hit the USS Kess causing minor damage. Captain T'van ordered repairs and the crew continued along their journey, little did the Captain or the crew know they had just been borded by a group of alien beings. The beings took possession of several of the crew members including the Chief Security/Tactical Officer, the beings ended up killing two of the hosts. The Science Officer was able to figure out how to remove the being before the Captain was injured.

Being so far away from any Starfleet facility the Captain T'van promoted Tullos to department head and even while grieving the crew continued their journey. During their next two years serving together Tullos continued to impress Captain T'van and was promoted to Lieutenant and stationed as Second Officer, showing great leadership skills both on and off the ship. Unfortunately on the way back to Starbase two nine nine the Kess was hijacked by several sleeper agents of the Tal'Shiar and several senior officers were killed. The Executive Officer was murdered and the Captain was held in her ready room. Tullos and a few of his Security Officers, a few Engineers and the Chief Operations Officer managed to retake the ship and rescue the Commanding Officer.

The Lieutenant would be acting XO the remainder of their trip back home and recommended for command training. The next two months Tullos would attend command training on Starbase one thirty one. The command trainees would be put to the ultimate test the day they graduated, all of them gaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander or higher. The starbase was attacked by a group of terrorist and a bomb damaged seventy three decks, killing hundreds.

A months later Tullos was asked to stay on at one thirty one as Executive Officer, of course he jumped at the chance to serve under Commodore Henson. He had grown to respect the Commodore in his time working with him after the attack and over the next year. When the year was up Commodore Henson promoted Tullos to full Commander and the two would continue to command the station for the next year.

Henson recommended the Commander for a new assignment on Roosevelt station, he felt whoever got command could use a skilled and loyal Executive Officer having their back. The area Roosevelt was located in was hostile and Tullos could handle himself, he won the vote of Starfleet Command over the dozen or so candidates and was quickly shuttled to the station.