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Lieutenant Commander Alexander Knight

Name Alexander Knight

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6’/183cm
Weight 176lbs./80kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Athletic build as a result of a regimen of circuit and interval training he does five times a week. He sports several tattoos.


Spouse Current Fiancee-Kaylee Harrison; First Wife-Holly Knight (deceased)
Children Miranda Knight, age 15
Lucas Knight, age 14
Father James Knight, Marine Biologist
Mother Alicia Knight, Marine Structural Engineer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexander is a dedicated Starfleet Officer and father to his two children. He misses his late wife greatly, though he is good at hiding it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alexander is an extraordinary strategist and tactician in small unit tactics and starship combat. He has extensive knowledge in security protocols and a working knowledge of tactical and encrypted communications equipment. He is an expert with small arms and a competent hand-to-hand combatant.

Alexander has some difficulty with forming interpersonal relationships outside his family. The death of his wife just over six years ago hit him hard and he has devoted almost all of his time since to Starfleet and his children.
Ambitions Alexander's greatest ambition is to be a good father to his children, but he harbors a deep need to find his wife's killer and bring them to justice, if not avenge Holly's murder.
Hobbies & Interests Alexander works out extensively, but his passion is spending quality time with his kids. He likes to surf and hike trails, but his greatest joy is weekend camping trips with his daughter and son. He loves activities that involve open water, such as sailing, motor boating and SCUBA diving.

Personal History Alexander Knight was born on June 29th, 2351 to James and Alicia Knight in Honolulu on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Alexander often travelled to various locations on Earth due to his parents work. James was a marine biologist and Holly a civil engineer specializing in design and construction of undersea habitats.

Alexander was rather successful academically throughout middle school and high school, maintaining a 3.2 grade point average, but he excelled in athletics, especially water sports along with track and field events. Alexander had a falling out with his father during the last half of his final year in high school when he informed his parents he had no desire to attend college. He wanted to enlist in Starfleet, but the thought of spending another four years in school did not appeal to him. He left for enlisted basic training a month after graduating high school to pursue a career as a security specialist.

Alexander’s first posting was aboard the USS Enterprise D serving as an enlisted security specialist under the command of Lieutenant Worf. He found the duties very demanding, but also very rewarding. He earned the respect of his officers and NCOs during his tenure aboard the Federation’s flagship. Worf was the officer that wrote the letter of recommendation for Alexander to attend special warfare training after the destruction of the Enterprise D.

The next eight months was a series of brutal training cycles that pushed Alexander to his limits and beyond. He endured sleep deprivation and torturous physical conditioning in addition to learning how to conduct combat operations in myriad environments and situations. He learned the truth about Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy: That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger.

Alexander found himself serving with his former commanding officer once again when he arrived at Deep Space Nine. His special warfare platoon was sent on various missions into Klingon Space, Cardassian Space and into the Gamma Quadrant to perform special reconnaissance and direct action missions during the lead up and throughout the Dominion War.

It was also a pivotal point in his life as he met Dr. Holly Reiner, a civilian diplomatic attaché, who would become his wife six month after his arrival at DS9. Despite the chaotic times of war the two married in the first months of 2373 and their first child, Miranda, was born the following year. Their second child, a boy named Lucas was born 14 months later just prior to the end of the war.

Alexander was encouraged by his wife and received letters of endorsement from Lieutenant Crockett, his platoon commander, following the end of the war to attend Starfleet Academy to become a commissioned officer. He only needed to attend Starfleet Academy for two years as his prior service and completion of academic extension courses provided enough waivers and academic credits to allow him to earn his degree and commission by May of 2377.

Alexander joined a new special warfare unit after graduating Starfleet Academy. Mission profiles for said unit were hostage rescue missions conducted against various hot bed areas throughout the Alpha Quadrant following the end of the Dominion War. Despite numerous successful missions against various terrorist organizations. One terrorist, Olivia Beatrice Lansing, with the resurgent Terra Prime terrorist organization, would elude capture time and again, even when her compatriots were captured and imprisoned. Olivia was able to discover that it was Alexander leading the unit responsible for dismantling of her organization and vowed to exact revenge.

Holly Knight was on a diplomatic mission to Bajor when a small group of xenophobic humans attacked the Consulate she worked at, killing the entire staff and over a dozen Bajoran government officials. Alexander and his children were devastated by the news when word got back to Earth about what had happened. He was placed on administrative leave. He and the children spent months in counseling and though he was cleared to return to duty, it was under the stipulation he would no longer command a tactical response unit and would instead work as an analyst at Starfleet Command.

Alexander has spent the last five years mostly on Earth as an analyst and part time instructor at Starfleet Academy. He still harbors deep emotional scars as a result of the death of his wife, but has compensated by providing a stable home life for his daughter and son. He recently discovered that Olivia was responsible for the attack and was now operating in or near Ferengi Space. It took some doing but he was able to wrangle a posting at Roosevelt Station as Chief Strategic Operations Officer. He has no intention of allowing harm to come to his children, but does hope to track down Olivia and bring her to justice.
Service Record Jul 2369-Aug 2369: Starfleet Basic Enlisted Training; Trainee

Aug 2369-Sep 2369: Enlisted Security Specialist A School; Enlisted Occupational Specialty Student

Oct 2369-Nov 2371: USS Enterprise-D; Enlisted Security Specialist

Dec 2371: Leave following the destruction of the Enterprise-D

Jan 2372: Special Warfare Operations Preparatory Course; Enlisted Special Warfare Candidate

Feb 2372-Jul 2372: Basic Special Warfare Operator School; Enlisted Special Warfare Candidate

Aug 2372: Orbital/Airborne Insertion School; Enlisted Special Warfare Candidate

Sep 2372-May 2375: First Platoon, Team Seven, Gamma Group attached to Deep Space Nine; Special Warfare Operator

Jun 2375-May 2377: Starfleet Academy; Cadet

Jun 2377-May 2380: Second Platoon, Team Three, Alpha Group garrisoned on Earth for Hostage Response tasking throughout the Alpha Quadrant; Deputy Platoon Commander

Jun 2380-May 2383: Second Platoon, Team Three, Alpha Group garrisoned on Earth for Hostage Response tasking throughout the Alpha Quadrant; Platoon Commander

Jun 2383-Dec 2383: Hardship leave following the death of his wife.

Jan 2384-Jun 2389: Starfleet Command, Office of Strategic Operations Threat Analysis Branch in San Francisco; various positions (including part time instructor at Starfleet Academy)

July 2389-Present: Roosevelt Station; Chief Strategic Operations Officer