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Lwazanda Ral

Name Lwazanda Kelledra Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed

Position Civilians

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 91

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10”
Weight A Lady Never Tells
Hair Color Chestnut Brown, I Swear
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Lwazanda is a tall, slender woman.

He face beams with the radiance of the Fifth House; her skin a light olive, her features severe, and her black eyes pointedly Betazoid


Children Devinona Ral, Daughter

Reittan Ral, Son

Derin Ral, Son
Father Lek Motalli, Son of the Twelfth House of Betazed
Mother KeKemara Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed
Brother(s) Kestro Ral
Sister(s) Lewella Ral

Rwendra Ral
Other Family The Fifth House of Betazed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lwazanda is a typical Betazoid woman. She is outspoken, and opinionated.

A highly passionate woman, she throws herself into all that she does.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Dedication
+Psionic Abilities

Ambitions With her diplomatic career winding down, Lwazanda hopes to live the rest of her days in peace enjoying all the comforts she can buy.
Hobbies & Interests Lwazandais a keen supporter of the arts. Although not an artist of any form in her own right, she boasts an ability to sniff out fresh talent.

Her favourite forms include; Klingon Opera, Cardassian Epic Plays, Ancient Earth Romantic Comedy Films, and the Betazoid Ballet.

She is also quite the linguist. Speaking; Federation Standard, Betazoid, Gorn, Klingon, Human French, Romulan, and conversational Vulcan

Personal History Lwazanda was born on Betazed in the Capital of Rixx, to parents kemara and Lek. Her upbringing was mostly traditional. She and her sisters, Lewella and Rwendra, spent a lot of time together at the Ral family's residence on the sea coast.

When she was still quite young, her parents had their marriage dissolved. This time became turmultuous fro the three girls. With the bad blood pooling between their parent'ls the girls were presented with a choice. Live with their Father and join the farmers of his home village, or stay with their Mother and enjoy the spoils of the Fifth House's wealth. The girls remained with their Mother, and never saw their Father again.

Following the dissolution of her parent's marriage, Lwazanda's sister Rwendra fell ill with a case of Zanthi Fever. Their mother did everything she could to have her pull through. Zanthi Fever generally attacks Betazoids entering their antiquity. The disease left Rwendra's paracortex ravaged. This left the young girl without most of the typical Betazoid abilities. Lwazanda and Lewella did everything they could to protect their simple sister throughout their teenaged years, and continued to defend her even in adulthood.

When Lwazanda was old enough, she applied to the University of Betazed to study Diplomacy. After her acceptance she studied for several years in order to work toward become an Ambassador. She had always loved engaging with different races, and to be able to do that for a living was a dream come true.

After completing her school, Lwazanda met Sabin. Over the course of three years Lwazanda and Sabin would become very close and very fond of one another.

As their marriage was arranged by their family's, Lwazanda met another man, Kon, who she fell in love with. Only weeks before her marriage to Sabin, Lwazanda found out she was pregnant, however not with Sabin's child. she knew that the marriage had to happen for the sake of preserving the relationship between their houses, and so she lied to Sabin leading him to believe the child was his. The wedding was the most celebrated event of the year for the Fifth House, until Lwazanda gave birth to a boy, Derin, and she told Sabin the truth of the boy's origin.

Mad with rage, Sabin still understood the precarious situation between their houses. he chose to remain with Lwazanda despite her daliance, and she gave to him in return, two lovely children of his own, Devinona and Reittan.

But after almost ten years in a loveless marriage, Sabin finally mustered the courage to leave.

Lwazanda wasted no time, and soon after married the father of her fist son, Kon.

Lwazanda worked for most of her adult life with the Federation Diplomatic Corps, serving in countless posts. Her only breaks were to raise her children. She lived her life comfortably and in service to the Federation