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Lieutenant Jamie Leigh McDonald

Name Jamie Leigh McDonald

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft7
Weight 118lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description With fair skin, bright blue eyes and a mass of red curly hair, Jamie Leigh's Celtic ancestry is not hard to find. Of just over average height, her love of swimming and running has kept her physique slender yet toned. On her back she has a series of scars, now years old.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Andrew McDonald, 64.
Mother Carolyn McDonald (nee O'Connor). Deceased
Brother(s) Liam (36), James (32), Scot (31), William (29)
Sister(s) Abigayle (27)
Other Family Sarah O'Connor, grandmother.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jamie Leigh is often best described as a contradiction, yet few people know her well enough to appreciate the fact. A scientist as at home in a church as a laboratory, an accomplished and brilliant student who walked away from it all to join Starfleet. A loyal friend who keeps everyone at arms length. The woman with an eidetic memory but no recollection of a six month period in her life...

Jamie Leigh is a quiet, unassuming presence. Despite her academic achievements she does not boast of them but instead tends to be contemplating the next theory to test. She is normally relaxed, friendly and a patient teacher - however, she expects nothing short of perfection from her own work and therefore sets high standards for those around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Has studied a range of scientific disciplines, giving her a broad and well rounded knowledge
Eidetic memory gives her an advantage in certain situations
Logical, analytical mind

Slow to completely trust in others
Expects perfection in herself at all times, so can find it hard to accept failure/mistakes
Prefers solitude

Ambitions Continue learning & exploring
Hobbies & Interests Swimming
Music (plays piano, bodhran (and will sing if nobody else is around!))

Personal History Born in Edinburgh, Jamie Leigh was the youngest of six children. Raised predominately by their mother, the children were devastated when she died just 17 months after Jamie Leigh was born.

Whilst grieving herself, Sarah O'Connor stepped in to help care for the children and moved them to her family home in Dundalk, Ireland. A musician, she ensured each of the children were exposed to the arts and taught all of them how to play the piano just as she had with her own children.

Jamie Leigh suffered these lessons only because she loved her grandmother dearly but, the first chance she got, she would escape to her grandfather's study and hide under his desk with books on every subject. She quickly displayed a natural aptitude for the sciences and her father, still working at Edinburgh University, encouraged her at every opportunity.

Her academic excellence secured her places at the finest schools, with many predicting a bright future which would surpass even her father's accomplishments. However, news surfaced which cast a shadow over the family and they learned that her father had an illegitimate child just months before Jamie Leigh was born. Hurt by the very idea of her father's betrayal, Jamie Leigh and her siblings cut off all ties to him and eventually led to her decision to make a fresh start. Six months later she joined Starfleet Academy.

Predictably, she continued to flourish and sailed through her academic classes. Her biggest challenge came in making herself physically fit and - without her brothers there to watch over her - defend herself. The later led to many bruises and bruised pride but she worked with the same determination she put into everything else and proved herself as capable in a fight as any of her fellow students.

After graduation she was assigned to the USS Orion. A science ship, with a mission of exploration, Jamie Leigh became an integral member of the crew and was mentored by the Chief Science Officer on board. In the following two years, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, eventually becoming Assistant Science Chief. On the return to Earth, however, the Orion detected a distress signal and altered course to investigate. Nothing is known of what happened after, as all contact was lost with the ship until it was discovered on the opposite side of the quadrant almost six months later.

Starfleet records of the incident and subsequent investigation are classified and Jamie Leigh herself has no memory from that time. Her only clue was the series of scars across her back and the months of physiotherapy required for her to return to duty. And the knowledge that of a crew of 135 souls, only 12 were found aboard.

When cleared for duty she requested reassignment and received orders to report to the USS Cairo.
Service Record USS Orion - Science Officer
USS Orion - Assistant Science Chief