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Lieutenant JG Airik

Name Airik

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ba'ku
Age 215

Physical Appearance

Height 1.88 meters
Weight 84 k
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Airik is a physically fit humanoid male. Due to metaphasic radiation on their homeworld, the Ba'ku do not age at the same rate as other humanoid species. While physically he is a man in his late thirties, chronologically he is 215. While away from the metaphasic radiation, his body has shown aging at the cellular level, though still slowed.

Due to his prolonged exposure to the regenerative state of metaphasic radiation, Airik was unaware of his medical condition. He suffers from a rare genetic pulmonary disorder that inhibits oxygen uptake into his body. The prognosis is chronic, though not terminal. The treatment is self administration of a steroidal compound orally or subcutaneously. The disorder does not provide any physical limitations provided he has taken the steroid.

In the event he does not receive the steroidal compound most commonly he experiences labored and shortness of breath. He can experience slight vertigo and nausea. In extreme cases, if medical attention is not sought, the Commander can hyperventilate, experience internal hemorrhaging, lose consciousness, and death.

While the steroid is easily replicated on most worlds of the Federation Airik has taken steps to prevent any absence of a source of the medication. To alleviate the opportunity of not having access he carries a 2 day supply of the steroid attached to his ankle. On away missions he has been known to carry a week or more supply.


Father Andil
Mother Mitra

Personality & Traits

General Overview Airik is a loyal officer with a strong sense of self. His cool emotions make him an ideal physician, but also a worthy diplomat. He is not openly emotional, keeping his feelings closely in check, though he is not cold or terse - in fact just the opposite. He has a hands off approach to leadership and relies heavily on the strengths of his scientists to inform him for course of action. In psyche evaluations, his resilient psyche functions as well as any normal officer.

Airik possesses a peaceful calm that has been reported as a common trait amongst his people. He is patient and meticulous and makes informed decisions based on as much fact as possible.

Airik has the Ba'ku's ability to be present in the moment. This is still a relatively unknown phenomenon to science, but has been measured as a localized temporal disturbance.
Strengths & Weaknesses After centuries of evolution the Ba'ku have nearly unprecedented mental discipline. The passage of time is experienced differently by the species which has allowed them a sense of mental clarity that exceeds many species.

Airik, like all Ba'ku, is a pacifist and does not carry a weapon. This has been controversial with Starfleet in the past. While he participated in the required courses on security, tactical and self defense, he hoped he would not have to put the skills in to practice.
Ambitions Airik does not have typical ambitions of a Starfleet Officer. Position and rank are respected, but not goals for him to attain. His ambition since leaving the Ba'ku home world has been to experience diversity in all its combinations.
Hobbies & Interests Airik enjoys solitude and introspection. The Ba’ku are a close knit community, but also fiercely introspective. He enjoys reading, running, art and above all else research. He finds an almost art to medicine.

Personal History The Ba'ku have small formal family structures, with a communal approach to living. His mother and father are still living on the home world. He does not have any siblings. As a child he experienced the idyllic life that most Ba'ku experience. He was able to explore many facets of the world and find his way.

After the discovery of the Ba'ku home world by the Federation a few Ba'ku took on a sojourner - someone that resides temporarily in different places. The purpose was to experience the vastness of the universe and report back findings to the Ba'ku. Airik decided to join Starfleet as his method of traveling and experiencing.

The Ba'ku do not have a standard education system, but rather follow a Medieval system of apprenticeship, journeyman, student, etc. When Airik transferred to Earth he was granted the equivalent degrees of a doctorate of medicine and counseling. While at the Academy Airik primarily studied psychology and psychiatry as they most closely aligned with his interests.

Service Record Prior to joining Starfleet, Airik did not hold traditional positions. The Ba'ku experienced life in an agrarian, communal setting and roles were not as defined as they are in the Federation. Regardless, he was often seen as a "listener" with an empathic sense to understand a person and counsel them.

After accepting a sojourner from the home world, Airik graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors. He excelled in counseling, chaplaincy, and psychiatry. His first position was as a researcher for an academic institution on Earth.

Shortly after he accepted his first assignment on the USS Cairo, as Chief Counselor.