S1E1: Restructuring

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With the USS Cairo now assigned to Roosevelt Station, there has been some shifting around and the new crew is being assigned to Roosevelt Station. Upgrades to the Cairo begin underway as well as some needed repairs on Roosevelt Station as well. Will the new crew adapt to life on the Station, with what's going on in the Inconnu Expanse the 2 other ships remain on patrol of the area to make sure nothing pops out of nowhere.

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S1E2: Rules of Acquisition

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Mission Brief:

War is good for business, no matter if it’s hot or cold. Ferengi continue to deal in information, arms, and precious goods. But what happens when a trade deal goes south, or if a starship catches a business deal between the Ferengi and the Ravagers?

Mission Objectives:

Investigate claims that the Ferengi are selling information and/or arms to the Alrakis Pact

Side Plot: (Between Knight and Harrison)

Olivia who has ties with the Freedom’s Legion has come onboard the Station to seek out Lieutenant Commander Knight, what he doesn’t know she looks like his late wife but is actually her twin sister. When he confronts her things take a turn, but what will happen next? Will he get her and bring her to justice or will she escape? Only time will tell what will happen.

Part of Season 1

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