Season 2

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Season 2 of Roosevelt Station/USS Cairo

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Included Missions

S2E2: Rules of Acquisition

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War is good for business, no matter if it’s hot or cold. Ferengi continues to deal in information, arms, and precious goods. But what happens when a trade deal goes south, or if a starship catches a business deal between the Ferengi and the Ravagers?

PENDING: Corruption

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Roosevelt Station gets word that there are pirates causing trouble near the planet Zaran, when they arrive to search for the pirates they are nowhere to be found. They contact the inhabitance of the planet and find out a deeper plot that’s been going on. After further investigation they uncover that there seems to be some corruption within the Federation. Loan’s are being taken out by the colonies that are being paid for with ‘Federation Credit Waivers’ that most of the colonies on the planet seem to be starving only using the ‘rented’ replicators that were given to them by Federation representatives. They send word to the Task Force Command informing them of the situation, requesting that the USS Melbourne as well as a few other ships bring supplies, and food. While the USS Cairo find out who is behind this and bring them to justice.

S2E1: Ponzi Scheme

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The USS Sirus has been sent out over a couple months prior to do some border patrol and Intel of the area to see if the Ferengi are up to anything. Finally gathering the Intel they need they return to Roosevelt Station to report their findings to the Colonel. What is revealed gets them on an investigation of the Ponzi scheme that is going on, on Risa. What will they find? Will they be able to uncover it and bring the ones responsible to justice? Will they be able to reverse the damage that has been done? These are the answer that they will have to answer on their quest to fix what has been done.