S1E3: The Conflict and Resolution

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Status Completed Mission
Description A few days after their Patrol of the Cardassian and Breen borders, they were farther away continuing their patrol they learned that the Cardassians attacked the Breen controlled worlds Dozaria and Portas V taking them back after losing them to the Breen during the Dominion War. This was a shock that the Cardassians took such a bold attack. Starfleet believes that it’s the work of the Order of 12. Task Force 72 has received request for humanitarian aid from ships in the area as well as act as escort out of the area not knowing what is going to happen after the attack. So, the USS Cairo has been sent to the area to lend aide with the USS Melbourne and USS Sirus nearby if needed. When they arrive to lend a helping hand, the Order of 12 believe that the Federation is lending aid to the Breen. So they boldly attack the Cairo which turned out to be a big mistake and in the end withdrawal back into Cardassian Space. They report what had happened to Task Force Command while continuing helping the ships in the area as an escort. Will there be more incursions into Federation Space by the Cardassians? What will the Breen do after the attack? Only time will tell how things will turn out.
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Wed Jun 28th, 2017 @ 10:04am
End Date Fri Sep 29th, 2017 @ 10:04am

Mission Summary