Contemplating Space

Posted on Sat Jun 17th, 2017 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant JG Airik

Airik sat at his desk in the Counselor’s Office on Deck 7 and reflectively looked out at the vastness of space. One of those dots was his home world situated in the Briar Patch of Sector 441 in the Beta Quadrant.

He closed his eyes and the image remained in his mind. It morphed from space to images in his memory, detailed as though seeing them through his eyes rather than mind.

His mother’s smile, his father’s laugh, his sister’s curly hair. The images were all there swirling, bringing him bliss and contentment.

The Ba’ku male sat perfectly still for several minutes, as though he was made of stone. He could feel the presence of the ship, the movement of his surroundings while holding the moment. Unlike home, Airik was more cautious in holding any moment. The Ba’ku gifts were not well tested outside of the home world, particularly while moving through space.

His people lived abnormally long lives thanks to the metaphasic radiation surrounding their planet. Their long life allowed them to explore humanity from different angles. An apprentice would easily take a century to learn study a craft before moving on. Time was on their side.

The Ba’ku were by and large pacifists, semi-isolationists, and did not leave the home world which they considered to be close to Eden. That changed slightly when the Ba’ku met representatives from the Federation and the Romulan Empire.

When joining the Federation as a protectorate, a few Ba’ku made the decision to become temporary sojourners. These travelers moved throughout known space to further experience and learn other cultures and ways. Their time away was expected to be a couple of decades – only enough to get a mere taste of the outside world.

Airik was one such sojourner.

Airik’s path took him to Earth and eventually into Starfleet. He contended that a speedy method for exploring the vastness of space was via a starship.

“Computer, begin personal log.” Airik opened his eyes and slowly turned from the stars.

“Even so far from my Ba’ku I am there in spirit.” A half smile broke across his face as he looked a small clay sculpture his sister made for his voyage. “The etymology of ‘Cairo’ does put me at odds with my decision to accept a position on this magnificent ship.” Airik sighed momentarily. “Cairo…the victorious…the name has a long history of battle ships throughout Earth’s history. Now, hopefully, a ship of exploration.”

Airik listened to his own thoughts and feelings for a brief pause and then continued. “The ship is full of colleagues from planets scattered throughout the sector. I’ve interacted with more diverse beings in the last fear years than the centuries before. As the Cairo moves on in its Mission, I look forward to meeting even more."

"End personal log.”



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