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Busy at Work

Posted on Sun Jan 20th, 2019 @ 11:50pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Lieutenant Rhys Vaughan

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Operations Center
Timeline: MD01 1330h


Lieutenant Rhys Vaughan stood at his console making inputs. The look of frustration came over his face. "Ensign," he said to the engineer sitting next to him. His console began to flicker with flashes of light. He took his fist and slammed it against the console. The console returned to its normal glow. "That's got to stop," he said.

The ensign laughed, "its this Cardassian technology. You would think that after taking over two Nor class starbases, the Federation would have mastered integrating with Cardassian technology."

Rhys shrugged. "Hopefully we'll get the bugs worked out on this station before long." The hum of the turbolift could be heard in the background as it zoomed upward towards ops. As it came to a stop, he could see his new commanding officer standing before him. His heart stopped for a second as the butterflies in his stomach flew like crazy. 'She looked so serious,' he thought to himself. He had never served under a General as a commanding officer before and he didn't know what to expect. He took a deep breath to try to calm his nerves as another crew member announced her presence.

Leah looked up, "Ah you must be Lieutenant Vaughan our Chief Science Officer." Leah said with a friendly smile, granted she was a General but she wasn't like most. She knew how to be a good Commander and how to treat her crew and that was not by intimidation. "Welcome aboard Roosevelt Station," Leah said as she led the Lieutenant to her office where they could talk more privately.

Rhys knew he looked as pale as ghost, but the friendly nature of his new CO allowed a little color to return to his already pale skin. He followed her into the CO's Ready Room. He remained in front of the desk. He stood almost at attention but with his hands behind his back. There were a few moments of awkward silence as Rhys waited for the General.

"At ease Lieutenant, there is no need to be nervous I promise I don't bite," Leah said with a smile. "So, what brings you here to Roosevelt Station?" She asked as she always liked to get to know her Senior Officers. "Would you care for something to drink? I am sure you had a long trip." Leah asked.

Rhys relaxed. "Thank you, ma'am," he said. "Do you have some tea?" He grabbed the back of the chair in front of the General's desk for support. "Well to be honest, I was looking for something different. To explore out here on the border of Federation space. I hear so many stories about the Inconnu Expanse. I figured it was time to see it for myself."

She got him a cup of tea and walked back over and sat down and handed him the cup. "I see, well exploring the Inconnu Expanse is going to be rather challenging at the moment," Leah said looking at him.

“Oh yes,” he said. “I just figured with us being the closest base of operations outside of Deep Space 7, I might get to see some of those unusual sensor readings.” He took a sip of tea. “Plus I was needing some different. Somewhere that year-lights away from the monotony of Earth.”

She looked at him, "You don't seem to have known what's been going on?" She asked almost concerned.

“Sorry, sir,” the science officer said. “I figured with the Alrakis Pact, we would be at the center of operations with ongoing peace envoys with those species. Also, I assumed Starfleet would still try to explore those regions between Ferengi and Tzenkethi space.” He smiled. “But what do I know, I’m just a science officer.”

"Well we are not allowed anywhere near Inconnu Expanse, The Alrakis Pact is comprised of Breen, Tzenkathi, Ravagers and the Talarians." She said, "Deep Space 7 was destroyed. "If we go into the Inconnu Expanse they and get caught, we can either be destroyed or boarded or both," Leah stated as she looked at him. "They gave us three months to withdrawal from the area and that time is about up," Leah stated.

“I guess the Federation News Network doesn’t tell you everything, and I haven’t been briefed.” He hopes that he would stop digging himself a hole.

She nodded, "I figured but doesn't mean we can't explore from what I can remember that everything up to the Gavarian System is still ours past that is off limits." Leah said as she sighed for a moment. "I am sure we can still explore." Leah stated looking at him, "I hear your the best Science Officer so I am trusting your ability." Leah said with a smile.

Rhys’s face turned red. “I don’t think I’ve ever been called the best. Above average maybe.” He gave a quick smirk at the General. “What can I expect from Roosevelt Station? What do you hope to do with the place?” He asked her hoping to find out what to make his priorities.

She chuckled, "You might tell that to your last Commanding Officer, he couldn't stop going on about how great you are." She said then sighed, "I haven't really given it that much thought Lieutenant. She is a stronghold in this area, I am sure we will experience what it will be like especially with what's been going on. With us being so close to Ferengi Space I am sure we will get to have some action." She said, "But as far as what I hope I'll have to answer that once it's become clear to me." She said with a sigh as she looked around. "Being on this Nor-class station reminds me of DS9," Leah stated.

“I’ve only been to DS9 once. This station looks like her but then again it’s different,” he paused and looked around. “I knew the Cardassians were big on architecture but not personalizing each station.”

She nodded, "Your right but when I was at DS9 it was under different circumstances. With the Dominion War, things were all different." She sighed but shook her head. "I am sure this station is a good station, she does have some charm compared to say a Spacedock-class," Leah stated with a smile.

“I agree. Earth Spacedock is just a lot of gray.” Rhys laughed.

"Well is there any other questions you have?" Leah asked, "You should check in with your staff and get acquainted with the station as well as settled in." Leah stated looking at him. "I don't have anything pressing for you at the moment anyway," Leah added.

He paused with his hand on his chin and a thoughtful look on his face. “Was hoping he help with the repairs on the Cairo too. If you don’t mind?”

She raised an eyebrow, "I didn't know you were an Engineer as well Lieutenant, you surprise me by the minute." She said with a smile, "if you're up to it go for it, I am sure they can use some help." Leah stated looking at him.

“Science and engineering are pretty much the same. I just want to make sure everything is in working order,” he told the General.

She nodded, "Go for it." Leah said as she stood. "Again welcome aboard if you need anything don't be afraid to ask," Leah added with a smile.

“Understood,” Rhys said. “Well, I better get to work...”

She nodded and watched him walk out of her office. She sat down and smiled, she was happy with her crew placement and knew that she had a good bunch that would work out wonderfully. She decided she needed to stretch her legs, plus she was missing her son. She walked out of her office and headed towards her quarters.


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