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Quite meditation

Posted on Mon Jan 21st, 2019 @ 7:51pm by Commander Tullos

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Timeline: MD01 2100h


Commander Tullos had actually experienced joy his first day of his new assignment. The Nor Class station had received some upgrades from the Federation Corps of Engineers and the Commander was quite impressed with the senior staff that had reported so far. There were even a few junior officers that managed to make a good first impression with the stations First Officers.

The operations center was going to take a little getting used to, but he would adjust quickly as he always did. The Commander also planned to take his morning work out each day in the form of a jog on every deck possible, it would help him familiarize himself with the stations lay out. As he visited several decks of the station throughout the day the Commander couldn't pay full attention and in case of an emergency needed to know where he was going. Certain things he had already memorized from reviewing the provided specifications for Roosevelt Station, but first hand knowledge was best. Besides the Commander usually woke early for some form of exercise or meditation and could get up early enough that there would be limited traffic in the corridors.

Tullos also made note on the PADD he was carrying as he exited the turbo lift makign his way to toward his quarters to have what some would consider a late dinner, but there had been much to do on the first day aboard the station. Commander Tullos was a little nervous when he received the news the crew would be mixed with Starfleet Marines, but so far his worries had been for nothing. He was rather impressed with both his Commanding Officer and the Major placed in charge of Security and Tactical, both ladies seemed to have a good head on their shoulders and 'know their shit' as he heard the Humans say.

As Tullos entered his quarters he looked up from the PADD he had been working on as the lights came on he realized he hadn't spent but a few minuets in his quarters to freshen up and ordered "computer decrease temperature by ten degrees" the computer beeped in compliance and as the Commander moved around his quarters he noticed his belongings on the foot of his bed. Tullos sat his PADD on a small table in his quarters and went over to the replicator "Hari flat bread with hot sauce" he always found the name sauce amusing, but a former crewmate introduced him to it and it was divine on the roasted Andorian flatroot that the replicators managed to get almost perfect.

The Commander took time to write his family a quick note to let them know how he was doing. They were on the Andorian home world and never took time to reply, but he felt it was the right thing to do and family was important to him. Being so close to the Breen and Ferengi borders made the Commander want to be on guard, he would do everything in his power to keep his Federation family safe from harm.

After finishing his meal the Commander recycled his dishes into the replicator and quickly changed into something far more comfortable for his meditation. The Andorian got down on his knees, lit a candle and faced the stars out his view port. The Commander found that meditation helped him keep some of his passion and anger in check, which was rather handy being part of a Starfleet crew "computer deactivate lighting" the computer beeped and the only light that could be seen in Tullos quarters were that of his candle and what came through from the stars outside.

Commander Tullos had come to enjoy his meditations and found them quite relaxing and often kept him out of trouble with his superiour officers. This night Tullos would end up meditating for three hours, before taking a sonic shower and climbing into bed.


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