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Grave News

Posted on Mon Jan 21st, 2019 @ 8:51pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Commander Tullos
Edited on on Thu Jan 31st, 2019 @ 10:43pm

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Promenade; Roosevelt Station
Timeline: MD01 1600h


Leah was in her quarters playing with her son when her commbadge went off, “Lieutenant Asher to General Leah, Commander Kira Nerys has arrived in the Defiant and is requesting to see you. They have already docked at docking port 1 on level 17.” Asher stated. “Understood, I’ll be down there to meet her,” Leah stated as she kissed her son and her nanny nodded. She walked out of her room and headed towards docking port 1, she wondered what the Commander was doing here. After a few moments she arrived and the doors opened and Kira had walked through. “Welcome to Roosevelt Station Commander,” Leah said as she extended her hand with a smile.

“Thank you, General Leah,” Kira replied as she took her hand in return she tried to smile but there was something noticeably bothering her. Leah looked at her, as they walked out of the room and headed to the promenade where they can speak more privately. “What brings you here?” Leah asked as they sat down, “Got to be something important to bring you all the way out here and in person. “ Leah said as she's grown concerned, Kira has been a good friend to her mother for many years.

“Leah, it’s about your mother,” Kira said and Leah’s heart almost stopped. “She is dying and has requested me to bring you to her before she dies. She wants to see you,” Kira said as she took Leah’s hand. Leah looked down with tears running down her face, “I know you haven’t talked to her in a long time and she wants to meet her grandson before she goes.” Kira added with a look on her face.

Leah nodded, “Let me take care of a few things then we can be on our way.” Leah said as she looked at her. “Of course,” Kira stated as she got up and gave Leah a hug. “She’s lived a long life, Mya is already there,” Kira added. “I’ll meet you back here in an hour,” Leah stated as Kira nodded and decided to walk around.

She tapped her combadge, "General Leah to Commander Tullos meet me in my office." Leah ordered and ended the comm channel as she headed to Ops. Once she made it there she entered her office and waited for him to arrive.

Shortly after the Commander was summoned to the General's office he emerged from the turbo lift, strolling across the operations center and tapping the chime that would request entrance.

"Enter," Leah said as she seen the Commander walk in. "Please have a seat, there is something we need to discuss," Leah stated looking at him with a grave look on her face.

Tullos did as he was instructed and wondered what was wrong with his superior officer. The Commander's antenna twitched "is everything, alright General?"

She took a deep breath, "Commander Kira Nerys arrived here in the Defiant, she has informed me that my mother is dying and had requested me to return home to Bajor to see her before she dies." Leah stated looking at him. "I need you to run the station in my absence," Leah added as she looked at him with a sigh.

It was unfortunate that the General would have to leave her new command in the hands of her First Officer and extremely sad that the news was so grave. "Understood General" the Commander had been left in charge for short periods of time before, it was something he was confident that he and the crew could handle.

"I'll keep in contact, hopefully, I won't be gone for too long. The USS Sirus and Melbourne are due to check in within the hour and they check in every 4 hours with any information they find." Leah stated as she looked at him. "Oversee the repairs of the Cairo and make sure they are kept on schedule," Leah added as she went on an on what still needs to be completed.

"I know you will keep me apprised of anything serious that happens," Leah added with a sigh. "The station will be in capable hands," Leah added as she sighed.

"Indeed," he said sitting straight up in his chair "I'll be sure to send you daily updates, but General" he paused and gave about as concerned a tone as an Andorian could "please take care of yourself and your family, Roosevelt Station will be fine."

She nodded, "I know it will." Leah said as she tried to put a smile on her face. "I leave in an hour, I have to get some things packed as well as my son ready," Leah stated, "Kira will be taking me in the Defiant," Leah stated as she stood up. "Any questions before I leave?" Leah asked looking at him.

"No ma'am," the Commander said standing up "I bid you a safe journey."

"Thank you, Commander," she said as she watched him walk out of her office and so did she and headed for the turbolift and headed to her quarters where she would start preparing to leave Roosevelt Station.


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