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A Request

Posted on Wed Feb 6th, 2019 @ 9:32pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Colonel Adam Stone

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Leah's Quarters
Timeline: MD01 1800h


Leah had arrived in her quarters to get her son and get packed. She first sat down at her desk. She needed to contact Adam as her mother also requested his presence as well. Once she knew where to contact him she placed in an emergency transmission to him and waited for an answer.

Adam had just dismissed a new Lieutenant from a dressing down session and was about to start on some needed, but still annoying, paperwork when the red light in the corner of his screen began to blink, indicating he had a priority message waiting. He punched in his code and was immediately concerned when he saw his wife.

"What's going on honey? You aren't one for hitting the emergency button." He asked as he set the paperwork aside for the moment.

She looked at him, "I missed you too love." Leah said with a smile for a moment, "Commander Kira arrived here on the station to inform me that my mother is dying and request that I return to Bajor." Leah said looking at him, "she also requests your presence as she wants to meet her son-in-law before she passes." Leah said looking at him.

"Kira is giving me a ride on the Defiant, can you please meet me on Bajor?" Leah asked looking at him.

"If you can wait about four hours, we can ride together," Adam said with a small smile. "I was on my way for a surprise visit."

"Figures," Leah said just then her door chimed. "One moment dear," she said as she went to go answer it and it was Kira, she asked if she could wait until Adam got here in about four hours. Kira nodded in agreement and agreed to have dinner later. Leah walked back to the computer, "alright Kira said she wait until you got here. Try to hurry," Leah said looking at him.

"I am NOT going to go up to the bridge and tell Captain Walsh to hurry it up so I can have dinner with my wife," Adam said with a chuckle. "She'd likely do it, but that would be an abuse of my position and rank."

"I can just do it for you," Leah said with a smile. "But, when you get here we will leave on the Defiant," Leah replied as she blew a kiss to him. "I love you, Adam," Leah said with a smile. The spent the next little while talking before he had to get off the comm channel. She would see in a few hours, and she made the decision that they would depart the station in the morning. She would just let Kira know.


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