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It's been a long day

Posted on Mon Jan 28th, 2019 @ 10:44pm by Ensign Valerie Sheldon & Lieutenant JG Valence & Neravar

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Promonode
Timeline: MD01 2245h


It had been an extremely long day, for whatever reason every sing phaser array in one of the three weapon sails decided to go completely offline at about fifteen hundred hours. Then one of the two torpedo launchers decided to follow suit and while she understood the Commanders concern, Commander Tullos didn't make any fan's today. He insisted the issues be fixed within the hour, which simply wasn't possible. The two woman team had just exited the weapon sail and Ensign Sheldon sent her report to the Commander, signing off that the repair had been made.

A few minutes later the two parted ways and Valerie put the piece of hair that had fallen back up before she entered the lounge, she hadn't been to Neravar's yet. However, she wanted to have a nightcap and then a sonic shower. The Ensign took a seat at the bar after looking around, for the time of night the place was decently busy.

"What do you want?" Neravar asked looking at her with his Ferengi look.

The Ensign quickly made eye contact with a rather clear frown on her face but decided it might have been that she was having a bad day. However, she had never been to a Ferengi establishment "what would you recommend for someone who's had a long day and needs a little nightcap" she raised an eyebrow.

Neravar grinned, "I have the perfect thing," he said as he mixed a drink together. "Called the black hole," he replied with a Ferengi grin. "long day huh?" he asked.

"OH yes, horrid," she said raising both eyebrows and then she realized the bartender said black hole "what exactly is a black hole?" she asked.

"Do you really think I am going to reveal my secrets, just trust me this will do the trick," Neravar replied with a chuckle.

"Well okay," Valerie said with a smile, she thought what the hell and took a very hearty sip of the drink that reminded her of well space. She sat her glass down and smiled at Neravar "this is actually good."

"I'd hope you say that," he said then gave her another. "What are your plans, Ensign? The holosuite is open, Dabo is a good game." Neravar said.

"I really didn't have any other than" she raised her glass and finished it off "this" sitting the glass down the Ensign smiled.

He fills her glass again, "Suit yourself." Neravar said and went over to serve another customer that came in.

Well, the bartender was certainly interesting she thought to herself and started sipping on her second drink. Sheldon was enjoying her drink but it was sneaking up on her.

Neravar looked back at the Ensign, "How you feeling over there?" he asked wondering how many drinks it would take for her to really feel it. He continued to help the other customers and also telling his workers were to take orders as well.

"I'm feeling" she looked up at Neravar "pretty dang good" by this time the black hole's had done their job on the Ensign and she was feeling her drinks. "How are you doing?" she asked pointing at Neravar with a wobbly wrist.

He shook his head, "I think you have had enough Ensign. Looks like you need some help back to your quarters?" Neravar asked with a smile as Lieutenant Valence walked in doing her rounds.

"Mister Neravar thanks for drinks" she said looking around to see who Lieutenant Valence was.

"No problem, come back again." Neravar stated as he watched the Ensign try to stand up but was having issues. Valence noticed and walked over to her, "Do you need assistance Ensign?" Valance asked as she caught her before she could fall.

"That would be fab" the young Ensign realized then, even in her drunk state that the person addressing her was a superior officer and she was still in uniform "yes ma" she got out and then looked from the floor to Valance "Sorry" was all she got out.

She chuckled, "It's fine Ensign." Valance said as she helped the Ensign out of the bar and walked her to her quarters. After awhile they reached them and she helped her inside. "Here you go, have a good night Ensign." Valance said then walked out and continued on her way.

Without a word the Ensign stumbled to the bed and landed face down and was out like a drunken light.


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