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Early start

Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 10:24pm by Commander Tullos

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Timeline: MD02 0400h


The Commander sprung awake, he wasn't startled or having a nightmare he just woke up. He figured he must just be excited to start his second day on the station and laid back down and tried to relax. However after tossing and turning for several minuets Tullos decided to go ahead and get up. "Katheka, hot" he ordered from the replicator and took his beverage, sipping as he made his way to get standard issue jogging shorts, a tank top and a pair of running shoes.

Tullos sipped more of his Katheka while he changed into his work out clothes and inbetween sips stretched for his run. This morning the Commander was going to run around the promonade and habitat rings, he usually ran about fourty five minuets to an hour. So out the door the Commander went to start his routine, as he made his way down the corridor he gave a nod at a passing Ensign when they gave a "good morning Commander."

After a few laps around the living area Tullos made his way around the promonade, little did he know that several of the shop owners would already be opening their shops. A few just smiled as the Commander slowed to a jog in the more populated area. Another said "morning" as she stepped outside her shop to put out a sign with the daily sale. Then there was the Ensign who thought it would be a good time to stop the Executive Officer and ask for a reassignment and try to 'brown nose' Tullos.

"I just think I'm ready for more Commander" the excited young man jogged along side Tullos with a very wide smile on his face. "If you would just give me a chance sir" he stopped and placed his hand on the Commanders shoulder.

Tullos stopped and looked down at the Ensigns hand "Ensign" he paused and took a deep breath "please make an appointment to see me during office hours" the Commander offered a nod and with out letting the young man reply continued his jog.

"Computer, time" the Commander requested as he jogged through his quarters entrance and slowed down, taking a few slow deep breaths to calm himself and relax. Tullos took a quick sonic shower and enjoyed another cup of Katheka and a bite for breakfast. He reviewed some of the first orders of business for the day and thumbed through the schedule on the PADD. "Ferengi and Klingons docking at the station for resupply and a few days leave" he knew that would more than likely require attention from the security department.

Most of the day was the normal freighter runs, he had a detailed tour with one of the engineers, not to mention he needed to scheduled his physical with the Doctor. Of course he had already made an attempt to handle that last item, but the good Doctor wouldn't see him with out an appointment. Which in a way the Commander could respect, he just wish he could have gotten it taken care of. All and all he considered his first interaction with the Chief Medical Officer successful.

Another sip of his beverage and the XO had to get dressed and out the door. PADD and Katheka in hand he headed for the lift and made his way for operations. "A little early" he said as the lift came to a stop to reveal operations.

"Commander on deck" a night shift Ensign called out as the Commander stepped off the lift.

"As you were" Tullos said with a nod, taking a sip of his Katheka. He made his way over to a station and checked sensor data for the last half hour, luckily there wasn't much to be seen and that was fine with Tullos. The Commanding Officer was off station and he would prefer an uneventful day.

The PADD Tullos had beeped as a new message arrived. He entered his access code and took a look, it was from Starfleet Command apparently an important ambassadors private shuttle will come through to resupply, but the ambassador will not exit his ship. "That's fine with me" the Commander said softly and continued to read the specifics "when the shuttle Mivar arrives, I want us taking constant long range scans" he looked around the operations center at the junior officers "no surprised ladies and gents."

"Yes sir" the young man at the Science station said in a very official tone.

Tullos was taking a sip of his beverage and he was glad he was. He couldn't hide the smile that came across his face as the Ensign was trying very hard to impress the Deputy Base Commander. He knew they had to be tired after their twelve hour shift, which would be their last twelve hour shift. He had made a little change to some of the duty roster to try eight hour shifts for a bit, hopefully this would be ok with the Base Commander. However Tullos didn't like the operations center staff being so tired, when they had plenty of crew to cover. Some of them just may need a little training and guidance.


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