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The Rise of the Cairo

Posted on Tue Feb 5th, 2019 @ 10:43pm by Lieutenant Rhys Vaughan & Commander Tullos & Ensign Valerie Sheldon
Edited on on Tue Feb 5th, 2019 @ 10:44pm

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: USS Cairo - Bridge
Timeline: MD01 1640


The star of the system shined bright in the background of Roosevelt Station. Docked to one of the upper pylons was the Cairo, her systems were on minimal power and few lights could be seen. Lieutenant Vaughan decided to explore his new assignment and her attached vessel. The science systems on the ship were far less than his other assignments. On the bridge of the Cairo, he looked around and found the science console. It was to the right of the Executive Officer's seat. The console had several LCARS which would not light so the lieutenant decided that his tour was over and he needed to make some repairs. He crawled in under the console with his engineering kit.

What seemed like hours went by as the lieutenant worked on his console. Then sparks started to fly from the console. The lieutenant rolled out and threw off his protective eye gear as swear words flew out from his mouth. As he regained his composure he looked up to see that he was not on the bridge alone. An Andorian commander was standing near him with an almost confused look on his face.

"Are you alright Lieutenant?" the Commander asked, tilting his head slightly to the right.

“Just fine, sir,” Rhys said as his voice crackled. He smiled, “at least this time I don’t have to go to sickbay. Guess that’s what I get for trying to get the science systems back online.”

"How's it coming?" he asked interested in the Lieutenants progress.

"Sir, I'm no engineer, but the science systems will take about a week to get online. I can't say about the engineering systems, but without them I can't get the science systems online. Its a never ending battle," Rhys said.

Tullos made it over to his console and started tapping in some commands "let's see what we can do to speed things up" he looked over at Rhys and gave a nod. "What shall we work on first Lieutenant?" he asked, he also was no engineer.

Rhys got off the floor and stood up beside the commander. "I need power to the main deflector. I can't tell if these systems are working without any sensors."

Commander Tullos tapped his comm badge "Tullos to Roosevelt Engineering team alpha"

"Ensign Sheldon, sir what can I do for you?" the Ensign had been put in charge of engineering until the higher ranking engineers arrived.

"Please report to the USS Cairo" the Commander was already working on getting the main deflector online, but knew things would go faster if they had an engineer working with them. "Lieutenant Vaughan and I could use a little assistance Ensign."

"On my way sir" the young Ensign grabbed an engineering kit and made her way toward the vessel that had been assigned to the station.

Tullos looked over at Rhys "Power has been restored to the main deflector, I just have to get it recalibrated"

“I can handle that,” Rhys said as he made a few inputs into the console. “You think your engineer can help me get this ship back operational?”

"Isn't that what Starfleet Engineers do best?" he was trying to be funny.

“I always thought the engineers took things apart, and it was up to the scientists to put it back together,” Rhys smirked.

Tullos glanced over and gave a smirk, it was then that he noticed the Ensign coming through the turbolift door and called out "Ensign"

Sheldon approached and smiled "reporting as ordered sir."

"Yes, we are needing to get the science systems online" he gestured toward the Lieutenant "if you could assist the Lieutenant."

"Where do you need me?" she asked looking over at Lieutenant Vaughan.

Rhys smiled. "Really everywhere," he said with a laugh. "We have the main deflector operational, but we are still running on auxiliary power. If you could bring the warp core online, I'm sure that would make all of our jobs easier."

"I'm on it" she said with a smile and went to work on a console next to the Commander.

The ship roared alive as the ensign went to work. Rhys watched in his console as the power levels raised on the science systems. "Looking good, ensign. Looks like the external and internal sensors are online, sub-systems too." Rhys paused and looked at the ensign engineer. "Thank you," he told her. "Need any help with the other systems?"

Ensign Sheldon gave a nod "I'm recalibrating the main sensor array now" she looked over "I'd recommend running a level three diagnostic before launch and make any last second calibrations." Valerie tapped some things into a PADD and handed it to the Lieutenant "If I were you I'd tweak a few of the arrays manually to these exact settings" she smiled and looked over at the Commander "may I get back to the station now sir?"

Tullos gave a nod "I'll join you" he said "Lieutenant I take it you can handle things from here?" he asked, before he made a final decision on going back to the station or not.

“I will be fine,” Rhys said with a smile. “Miss Sheldon really knows her stuff. She got this ship almost ready for me to take her on a joy ride.”

"Very good" the Commander said with a nod and made his way off the bridge with the Ensign.


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