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Home at Roosevelt

Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Timeline: MD01 1730h


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jarin Alexander shuttle ride from Deep Space 12 where he had spent a few days to Roosevelt Station had been long and boring to say the least. The type 9 shuttle had a cursing speed of warp 5, but it gave the young Alexander time to get caught up on some reading and letters to his parents.

But finally docking procedures were complete and the young man had been shown to his quarters. The only personal belongings he had in his duffle were a picture of his mom and dad, a few clothing and grooming items, and a watch his grandfather had given him.

Not long after unpacking Jarin decided to look around the station, he didn't have to be on duty until the following day. However what was the fun of having dinner in your quarters when you were on a station filled with people. Who knew what he might see or who he might meet while he wondered around the station.

That seemed to be just what the newly assigned Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer did for what seemed like the next hour. He finally found his way to the promnade and one of the resturant. The resturat turned out to be really good and there was a cute waitress that caught his eye, but he decided it wouldn't be a great time to flirt. He needed to keep his head in the game and make sure everything went smoothly on his new assignment. He was scheduled to meet his superior officer the following morning bright and early. He also heard she was a Starfleet Marine, which would be interesting as he had never worked with the Marines. Jarin had a friend that told him most Marines that had made it far enough along to run a department were hard asses.

Alexander was actually glad he was in civilian clothing, after his dinner he made his way into one of the bars and played a few games at the tables. One of the cute waitresses in the bar talked him into a few drinks, which was probably a bad thing. Jarin however stuck to synthaol, which didn't really bother him.

A few hours after he had left his quarters, he found himself flopping down on the bed. The lights were dimmed and Jarin had stripped down to his boxers and a tshirt to get some sleep. Although he was a little nervous about meeting his department head, something felt like home about Roosevelt Station.

Ensign Alexander stretched and let out a big yawn "computer lights out" he called out and with a beep the lights went completely out. The only light you could see was from the samll port that the stars shined through. Six o'clock would be early in the morning so Jarin got comfortable in his bed and before he knew it was off to la la land.


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