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New Beginings

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 8:22pm by Major Sara Mattis

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: SS Boilermaker
Timeline: MD01 0800h


It was a pretty long trek coming from her previous assignment in the Gamma Quadrant to her new assignment on Roosevelt Station. She didn't have many belongings over there. She had been with team XI trying to track down the missing USS Valhalla and its CO, Captain Wayne. So far it had been no glory and the rescue mission was transitioning into a recovery mission.

The powers that be had tapped Sara to take on a new role. After many years working Special Operations teams they wanted to broaden her horizons and try her out in the Security and Tactical fields. It was one of the areas she had excelled in during her days in the Marine Academy. They finally found a post that was OK with a Green shirt in charge of this division.

Sara would be lying if told anyone she wasn't excited to try something new. And to get to work with Brigadier General Katana Leah-Stone would be a huge honor. Everyone knows of the General. Hell many marines do a rotation at Camp Kovar. Sara was not one of those so this would be a first for her. And to get to serve on her Senior staff had Sara's stomach full of butterflies.

She had taken a civilian transport ship because it was the fastest way to get to the Station from the other side of the worm hole. Now that he station was layed out in front of the view screen Sara was filled with a excitement. She double checked her bags and made sure she had everything ready to depart once docked.

There was a hiss and a clunk as the old transport made its dock and the seal was set. The doors opened and people getting off started to file their way off the ship. Sara followed the crowd as the left. They formed into three lines to be checked in my Station Security. Sara noticed one line had no one in it. That is when she noticed it was a reserved line for Starfleet personnel. Sara grabbed her begs and went for that line. The Customs Officer scanned Sara's credentials and then their face went stone white as she just stared at the Major. "Is everything alright, Crewman?" Sara asked.

"Your the new Chief, and a Marine?" Was all the officer would get out. "I mean welcome aboard, Major."

Sara smiled at the young officer. "Thank you, If you could have this bag taken to my office I plan on going to the quarters first and get settled in." Sara said handing her the one bag and taking the other with her as she found her way to her room.


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