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Protect & Serve

Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 9:17am by Lieutenant Colonel Sara Mattis & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander & Lieutenant JG Valence

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Roosevelt Base- Security Office
Timeline: MD02 0900


Sara had been up early. It was an eventful first day on station, but she was ready to get day two going. Most of the excitement of her first Department meeting. She had her assistant lay out all the briefing materials and was just waiting for the crew to file in. This was a big deal taking over such a large area of responsibility. Sara stood at the head of the conference table and adjusted her uniform as the door swung open and the first person arrived.

Valance arrived and walked in "Lieutenant Valance reporting as ordered sir," she replied as she took one of the open seats in front of her.

Jarin came into the briefing room and gave a slight nod to the Major before quietly taking a seat.

As the rest of the team found their way in Sara overlooked her notes one last time. She stood and cleared her throat. "Thank you all for coming in. Especially those that off shift. With the recent crew swaps, I wanted to sit down and make sure everyone is on the same page. We all love them but along with myself we have some new faces so why don't we go around the table and everyone introduce yourself, tell us your last post, and your favorite food." She said with a smile.

"Some of the crew rolled their eyes at an icebreaker but there was a method to her madness. They made there away around the table until the last three where Valance, Alexander, and the Major in that order.

She looked at all of them, "I am Lieutenant JG Valance, I have been assigned here since I got out of the academy. I was one of the ones who brought this station back to life. I also do not eat or drink," Valance said as she tilted her head a bit.

This was a little different than what Jarin was used to, but he gave a smile "USS Hawk and anything that doesn't eat me first, sir" he smiled and gave his belly a pat.

Valance looked Jarin, "that's an odd saying..." Valance said looking at him. She wasn't fully custom to humanoid customs or sayings.

Jarin shrugged and turned his attention back to the Major with a smiled on his face.

"Thank you all. Finally, I am Major Mattis and my last post was on a joint Marine/Intelligence team where I specialized in infiltration and counter-terrorism tactics. My favorite food is an earth style called Cajun good." She finished the introductions with a smile.

"Now on to business both new and old. There is a rash of conflicts that have been flaring up between parties that use the varies Cargo bays on decks 14-19. This is a carryover problem from the last administration. Those with people working these areas need to try and find a cause of the conflict" the Major scanned the room as she talked.

"New issues. With the more outward actions of the Freedom's Legion, we are having some anxious shopkeepers and general citizens on the station. People are worried that the station could become a target. We need to do our best to calm the populace and work to ensure if we are a target for these thugs we find out early." She paused at the end. "I will open it up for questions or concerns."

"What I heard about the Freedom's Legion is that they are good for sabotage, so we need to secure key areas of the station," Valance stated as she looked at the Major. "Has there been any reports of them actually being on the station?" She asked as well.

"Not that has been reported yet, but we are getting an uptick in suspicious persons reports. Problem is we have no clue if its legit or knee jerk reactions" the Major explained.

Valance nodded, "Here is where I can help, I can always keep an eye out in different ways to see if I can find anything out. But I still suggest we secure key areas of the station as a precaution." Valance stated.

"You beat me to it. I need this to be a very low key surveillance with zero action till it is reported to the team." Sara said glad they where on the same page. "This is a big base we need intel and our Intel department is to busy with exterior threats."

She nodded, "Understood." Valance stated looking at Mattis, the others and then Jarin.

"I'll be glad to make extra round" Jarin said looking at the Major.

"Ever little bit helps. I plan to make myself seen in the Promenade area every day just as a show of force and security." The Major explained. "Any questions or concerns?"

"None from me sir," Valance said as she smiled. "It's been awhile since I changed my shap so might as well get to it." She said with a chuckle.

Jarin gave a quick "no ma'am"

Sara waited for everyone to acknowledge that no one had any issues. "Great well we got work to do if anyone needs me my door is always open." She said as she dismissed the team and everyone went varies directions.


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