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Bajor Bound

Posted on Wed Feb 6th, 2019 @ 10:57pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana
Edited on on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 10:45pm

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: USS Defiant
Timeline: MD02 0600h


The alarm went off at 0600 hours and she noticed that her husband had arrived that night but didn’t want to wake me so he just snuck into bed with her. She smiled and kissed him which woke him up. They got ready and grabbed their bags as well as little Adam and walked out of their quarters and headed for where the USS Defiant was docked.

Once they entered she walked to the bridge with Adam in tow and found Commander Kira sitting in the Command chair. “About time you two got here,” Kira said with a smile. “Nerys I would like you to meet my husband Adam Stone, Adam this is Commander Kira Nerys a close friend of the family,” Leah said with a smile as they both shook hands.

“We are ready to depart when you are,” Kira said as Leah nodded. “We're ready,” Leah said as Kira began the disembarking procedures. They got clearance to leave the station and started slowly backing away from the station. They could now see the USS Cairo on one of the upper pylons. “I never knew how beautiful she was from this angle,” Leah said as Kira was confused a bit.

“The USS Cairo above, she also my ship that’s assigned to Roosevelt Station.” Leah said as she looked at Kira, “Ah should have known. She is a beautiful ship, very powerful.” Kira said as she looked at the size of the ship compared to the Defiant.

A short time later they had cleared the station and set course for Bajor at maximum warp. It would take about 24 hours for them to reach Bajor so Leah and Adam decided to head to their quarters as little Adam was getting cranky and needed to be fed and given his early morning nap.

Plus, it would give them some alone time since they hardly got any of that the past year since they were stationed at different places once they were reassigned from Camp Kovar. They would spend the rest of their trip spending alone time. Their nanny came along just in case they would need her to watch him while they went to the mess hall to get something to eat which wasn’t very big. But they manage to spend their time doing different things together.


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