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Heading Home

Posted on Sun Feb 10th, 2019 @ 9:33am by Commander Leeriah Teelur & Lieutenant JG Dasa Lalzi & Lieutenant Commander Thomas Riley

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: USS Melbourne
Timeline: MD02 0900h


Commander Teelur was sitting on the bridge of the USS Melbourne who had just finished her two week patrol of the area. There was nothing to report that was out of the ordinary. She heard some rumors but haven't gotten any substantial leads for any of those rumors to be cleared. She decided that it was time to return to Roosevelt Station for some relaxation and some resupply before there next scheduled patrol. She looked up as her Executive Officer was pacing back and forth on the bridge.

"Will you stop that Tom?" Leeriah said as she looked at him. "Oh sorry Commander." Tom said as he took a seat. "How would you say heading back home?" Leeriah asked. "That be great," Tom replied.

"Lieutenant Dasa, set a course for Roosevelt Station maximum warp." Leeriah said as she set the padd down she was working on for a moment.

"Aye sir, course laid in and ready for your command sir." Dasa said looking at the Commander.

"Engage," Leeriah said as Dasa pressed a couple buttons and the Melbourne was underway back to Roosevelt Station.

She got up and stretched, "Tom you have the bridge, and please try not to pace that really isn't good for you." Leeriah said the chuckled, "If you are that bored go to the holodeck and run it off, it will do you some good." Leeriah added.

"Aye sir," he said but say down in the Captains chair and smiled. "I'll be alright," Tom assured.

She just nodded and headed to her ready room to start filing reports that she kept putting off that she couldn't put off anymore. She had planned to meet with the new Base Commander when they got back. She wanted to have all her reports in order before they arrived back to the station which wouldn't be for a few hours.


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