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The Ectons

Posted on Sun Feb 10th, 2019 @ 4:49pm by Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Main Shuttle Bay
Timeline: MD02 05:45


Felicia was pleased that she had been assigned to Rosevelt station. She had been on ground duty for the last couple of years. Well other than the last maybe 3 months as she was ferried from her normal place on board the USS Cairo which was now a ship assigned here.

She had been expecting much more from the station in first glimpse. This was after all to be her final posting before she retired with her husband former captain Jerel Ectkn who I the later part of 2388 retired from Starfleet academy and teaching Intel.

When she had got word that she was being assigned starbase duty instead of starship she had spoken to Jerel and they had made the decision to relocate to the Starbase instead of Jerel and the youngest daughter going back to Ullia Prime.

She was really looking forward to seeing her daughter as it had been over a year since she had really been able to see her or even spend any meaningful time with her.

They had made arrangements with Starfleet that at least one parent would be always on earth or ground based area where they could have the family. Jerel had been on earth for well over 2 years so joker daughter had been able to take classes and find out what she wanted to become.

Right now she didn't want to be marine or Starfleet officer she was a civilian and wanted to open up her own place of business and help retrieve lost memories. She had the talent for that which was great as Jerel was only average when it came to that and Felica was not even that.

It was at times like this that she was pleased with how she had decided to stay in the marines and to be able to still have a family life. It wasn't always easy especially when both you and your husband are travelling.

She didn't want to send her youngest back to Ullia Prime and be without at least one of her parents. And the only people there felt like distant relations rather than close. Jerel had no family at all left other than a few distant cousins. For her she still had her father in which she of course want led little to no contact with. Her mother had died 11 years ago and she hadn't even been back for the funeral.

She hadn't been close with her siblings as they were all much older than she was. Jer own kids hadn't wanted to go back to Ullia Prime. Her eldest son was married and practicing counselor on beta-z. He had married a wonderful betazoid woman and they had two children together.

This is why she had made sure to always show what she was feeling with her family instead of hiding behind a stern Marine style demeanor.

She smiled and went to the docking bay. She had been here for a couple of days and was waiting for the transport to arrive carrying her husband and her youngest daughter.

It was docked and she would get a chance to really see her family as they would be able to disembark the ship soon.



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