A New Home

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 9:08pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: USS Cairo/Roosevelt Station
Timeline: MD01 0700h


Leah was sitting in her office on the USS Cairo going over reports from their last mission. The Cairo is in need of repairs so she was on her way to Earth for some R&R while her ship was repaired. She was also due for a small refit. She continued to work on her reports when her computer chirped. She sighed and turned her computer on and read the letter. “Great,” Leah stated as she finished, the USS Cairo was being assigned to Roosevelt Station and that she was going to be in Command of the station. The USS Melbourne an Akira-class and USS Sirus a Defiant-class were also going to be assigned there.

With the Alkaris Pact there needed to be a presence near the Ferengi/Federation Space to monitor the situation there as well as an act if needed in an emergency. Once she finished she closed her computer and sent a message to the bridge to change course for Roosevelt Station near Ferengi space. The ship changed course and started heading there. It would be a couple of hours before they arrived so she used this time to finish up on her work.

She wondered what serving on a Nor-class station would be like; she’s been on DS9 so it couldn’t be much different than that station. The last command was Camp Kovar a planetary base. So she’s commanded a base but this one was a bit different than her last. But, she chose to be in Starfleet so she knew that she would have to go where they tell her to and she was going to accept this command just like any other.

Leah got up from her desk and stretched and headed for the replicator, “Coffee, hot with sugar and a little cream.” Leah ordered as she watched it materialized onto the platform in front of her. She carefully took the glass and walked back to her desk and took a drink and set the glass on the desk. She picked one of the padds in front of her and started back to work on getting her report done.

A few hours went by and she finally finished her report and submitted it to the Admiral, about that time her commbadge goes off “bridge to General Leah we have arrived at Roosevelt Station.” The Operations Officer said, “On my way.” Leah stated as she ended the comm channel and walked out onto the bridge. “Hail Roosevelt Station,” Leah ordered as the Operations Officer nodded her way.

“USS Cairo to Roosevelt Station requesting permission to dock,” Leah said then waited for a response. “Roosevelt Station here General we been expecting you, you are clear to dock at docking pylon 1.” The officer on the Station replied, “Thank you for preparing docking procedures.” Leah responded as she ended the comm channel and the Cairo began its docking procedures.

Once they were docked she ordered that power was powered down and everything to a minimum for the time being. She ordered that everyone head down to the station and get situated there as well as enjoy some R&R. She walked informed her nanny that they can head to the Station and have a look around and told her where her quarters were as well as Leah’s. She was going to go to Operations and the current Commander was going to relinquish command over to her.

After what seemed like forever she arrived onto the station and started walking toward Operations. She looked around the station and took in the unique beauty of the Nor-class station. “This is definitely going to be different,” Leah said to herself as she made her way. Once she arrived she found the Commander, “Welcome aboard General, you will find this command a very interesting one. Right now the USS Sirus is patrolling the area and keeping her ears open along the borders.” Kira stated as she looked at the General.

Leah nodded, “there really isn’t anything going on at the moment from what my reports have been finding. So it’s been pretty quiet but with what is going on you can never let your guard down.” Kira added as she handed Leah a padd. Leah signed it and the station was now assigned over to her. “So where do they have you going now?” Leah asked looking at her.

“Back to Earth for the time being then probably onto some other mission on a new ship, there really not telling me much at the moment anyway,” Kira replied with a chuckle. Leah nodded as Kira saluted and headed out. Leah looked around Operations watching the remaining crew hard at work. She knew that she as getting some new transfers both in and out so she would have to wait and see who will be in each department when they checked in.

Walking into her office and looked around, she walked over to the replicator and ordered her normal coffee and sat down at her desk and began to go over the duty roster as well as the duty shifts. She would spend the next several hours working and getting things back on track.