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Diplomatic Adjustments

Posted on Thu Apr 6th, 2017 @ 9:06pm by Lieutenant S├ębastien Grimaldi PhD. & Brigadier General Katana Leah

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Commanding Officer's Office.
Timeline: October 5, 2388; 1430h - MD1

S├ębastien's uniform was perfectly tailored, a personal standard he set in dealing with so many politicians, ranking officers, and diplomats. Always looking his best made him proud of his service. He quickly adjusted the purple collar of his uniform before reaching out and pressing the chime to announce his arrival.

He stood smartly , with a PADD clutch in his left hand, as he waited to be called in.

She wondered if she would ever get a break, she was looking tired and needed a rest soon. "Enter," Leah stated as the doors opened to see a man standing their in purple. It must be her Chief Diplomatic Officer, "Please come have a seat, can I grab you something to drink?" Leah asked as she stood up looking at him.

Bash took the offered seat graciously. "I'm fine ma'am. Thank you. " He placed his PASS on his lap and folded his hands on top of it.

She walked over to the replicator and ordered herself a tea, hot and when it materialized on the replicator padd she gently grabbed it and walked back to her seat and sat down. "So what can I help you with?" Leah asked as she looked at him.

The Diplomatic Officer pushed a stray piece of hair from his face and back into his otherwise perfect coif. "I wanted to discuss the current Diplomatic facilities aboard." he produced the PADD and slid it across the desk.

She took the PADD and glanced at it for a moment, "What do you have in mind?" Leah asked as she looked at him.

"The ship was made with a modular design. The diplomatic facilities are no exception. " Grimaldi began gesturing a bit to much with his hands as he spoke. "In it's current cofiguration, we have one large conference room, a lounge, and several small offices."

"My proposal, would move the conference room to the center of the facility, extend the lounge, and transform one office into a communications centre." He looked like a child who had just given a report in school. "The work is actually quite minimal, and in my experience, focuses on the areas most needed on a starship for diplomatic functions."

"I see," Leah stated as she looked at him and looked at the padd a bit more, "I don't see much issue with it, and you seemed to have done your research." Leah added giving it much thought, "I will grant this, get with engineering team and tell them that I ordered it and to get a team moving on it right away." Leah stated looking at him.

"I will!" The Lieutenant half yelled with his excitement. He stood from his seat. "Thank you so much Captain....ermmm... Colonel." He corrected himself, and turned scarlet with embarrassment.

She chuckled a bit, "It's alright Lieutenant it's not the first time I been called Captain and it won't be the last." Leah smiled as she looked at him and his excitement.

Bash smirked. "Thank you ma'am." Turning from her, he set off to find the Chief Engineer.


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