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Arrival at Roosevelt

Posted on Sat Jan 12th, 2019 @ 9:21pm by Commander Tullos

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Timeline: MD01 1000h


Commander Tullos had managed to be granted a temporary position aboard the USS Prince a Wallace Class scout vessel as stand in Chief Security/Tactical Officer, it was a far better option than taking a shuttle or transport to his next assignment. Luckily the Prince didn't have any delays once they completed their mission and were off to Roosevelt Station for a quick resupply. The ship would also deliver Command Tullos to his actual assignment, serving as Executive Officer aboard the station.

As the Commander exited through the air lock, he said good bye to a few of his fellow officers from the Prince and was greeted by a young Ensign "Welcome to Roosevelt Station Commander" the young man said with an almost to enthusiastic smile.

"Thank you Ensign" the Commander said in an official tone and got right down to business"has the Brigadier General arrived?"

"Aye" the Ensign said with a nod, handing the Executive Officer a PADD. "I have the duty roster, location of your quarters, and" he hesitated trying to remember what other information he was supposed to present to the Commander.

"Very well Ensign" the Commander cut off the obviously green young Officer and handed him a duffle of his belongings, it wasn't much "please see these make it to my quarters."

"Yes sir" the young man said and scampered off.

A short time later Commander Tullos smiled as the turbo lift arrived at it's destination. The operations center of the station was busy with the usual work and he almost didn't want to interrupt but decided it would be best to start introducing himself to the officers there. Stepping down the stairs to the big console in the center of the room "Commander Tullos, Executive Officer" he gave a nod and checking some of the scans on the console.

"All systems operating within normal parameters sir, you have a list of the docked vessels and the General is in her office" the Officer in charge reported.


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