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A Request

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 @ 10:35pm by Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant David Mattis & Lieutenant Sébastien Grimaldi PhD.

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Engineering
Timeline: October 5, 2388; 1600h - MD1

It was rare that Bash would find himself so far below decks, except on occassion when giving tours to visiting dignitaries. But today his visit seemed more official. Today he was ere to work, or drop off work at least.

The Diplomatic Officer's pristine uniform stuck out among the work weathers outfits of those in the Engineering Section. He poked his head around, almost afraid to ask where the ranking officer was. It took two dead ends before he finally stopped someone passing by. "Excuse me?" He asked, trying not to sound as meek as he felt. "Can you point me towards the Chief Engineer?"

Mattis, who had happened to be behind the man under a console re-wiring it, said loudly in a friendly tone,, "Thats me, Lt. Mattis, Chief Engineer, what can I help you with?"

Sébastien looked down at the man under the console. "I'm Lieutenant Sébastien Grimaldi, the ship's Chief Diplomatic Officer. I wanted to discuss some work I need done."

"And what that be?', Mattis said as continued to switch out the wiring in the console, reaching for another bundle as he spoke.

Grimaldi was slightly taken aback by the fact that the Engineer had continued his work despite the visitor. To him it seemed rude, but he wasn't an engineer.

"The Cap... Colonel approved ome changes to the Diplomatic Facilities aboard, So I'll need a team to start on it right away." He spoke with as much professionalism as he could muster.

Pulling himself out from under the console, Mattis stood, and as he wiped his hands, he asked, in a friendly tone, "And just what are those changes?"

Producing a PADD from his pocket, Lieutenant Grimaldi passed it to the Engineer. "Reconfiguring the Diplomatic Facilities." He said earnestly.

Mattis studied the PADD for a few moments. He looked up and said, "This seems quite extensive, any specifics?"

"The present layout and the one I've proposed are listed in there." The Diplomatic Officer smiled. "Lucky for us, the starships designers were fans of modular design."

"And you say that you need this done right away?", Mattis said still scanning down through the list.

"The Captain would prefer it get done as soon as you have an available team." Bash grasped his hands behind his back.

If the diplomatic officer was being honest, he was quite taken by the engineer's appearace.So much so, that it was making him nervous.

Glancing down at the PADD, and quickly back up, Mattis noticed, courtesy of his Marine Training, that the man he was speaking with was, or at least seemed to be nervous. Cracking a small smile, Mattis said, "You know, i was a Marine for quite a long time before i transferred to Engineering, and that taught me quite a few things, so tell me, why do you seem nervous?"

"No reason. Just unaccustomed to being in Engineering." The diplomatic officer blushed slightly.

"You are more than welcome in Engineering, and I'm sorry if I came off as rude", Mattis said.

"Much appreciated." Bash checked his watch. "If you could have the team leader check in with me as soon as they are assigned, I would very much like to get things moving along." He smiled warmly.

"Ok, im going to put Lt. Thompson in charge of this", Mattis said. Looking over his shoulder he said, kind of loud, "LT. Thompson, front and center".

Rolling his eyes as he walked up to them, "Ya know this isn't the marines I rather not be treated as such. I am a Starfleet Officer not a Marine Officer." Thompson being rather blunt and didn't care if he liked it or not. "Now what can I help you with." Thompson stated in annoyance.

"First of all, you will loose the attitude and respect protocol and address superior officers with respect". "Second", Mattis said handing him the PADD, "I am putting you in charge of these modifications."

Rolled his eyes, "then don't treat me as a Marine cause you won't get any if you continue to." Thompson stated then took the padd glanced at it. "Alright anything else?" He said as he had work to do and him pulling him away kept getting them stalled.

"You see that PADD and the data on it?", Mattis said, "That is what you will be doing until it is done to Lieutenant Grimaldi's satisfaction, and while you are doing it, he is your boss".

"I am not blind Lieutenant, it will be started tomorrow right now we have less then 2 hours to get this ship ready for Departure." Thompson stated looking at him.

His face turning red, Mattis said, "We have more than enough people here, you will start the work immediately that's a direct order".

Thompson sighed as he just turned and walked off to get his gear and left Engineering he was getting rather annoyed by him and rather not deal with him at the moment or he would explode. He then made his way to the diplomatic area "Lieutenant Grimaldi, I'll be in Diplomatic if your coming." He stated over the comm and then ended it.

Grimaldi, shocked at the exchange, attempted to give a consoling smile to Mattis. "Should be fun." He said turning to look at the doors closing behind Thompson.



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