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Am I understood...

Posted on Tue May 9th, 2017 @ 1:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Derin Ral & Lieutenant JG Kevin Duke

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Intelligence Centre, Deck Five

Derin adjusted the collar on his uniform. He could heat his mother's voice telling him to 'sit straight and look professional.' He was meeting his assistant Chief afterall.

Moving his hand from his collar he adjusted the statuette depicting the Betazoid Hero Khrysaros. The figure was important to him, and his family, as he Ral's had long claimed their lineage to the mythic hero. In fact, Derin's uncle was named Champion of the Sacred Armour of Khrysaros. This was supposed proof of their ancient connection.

Adjusting the statues base, Derin stared at the wall chronometer. Lieutenant Duke was due any minute, and Derin was anxious to meet him.

Kevin sat patiently in his quarters staring at the clock waiting for when the time was right. don't want to be too early" Kevin thought to himself to somehow calm his nerves. "After all you only get to make one impression with your new section chief" this time talking to himself out loud in a more apparent attempt to stay relaxed.

Kevin then stood up he headed for the door to his quarters after looking in the mirror one more time and fixing that newly fashioned 2nd pip on his collar. Kevin knew that if he walked slowly and took time to appreciate the ship he could burn 10 minutes before his meeting with Lieutenant Commander Derin Ral.

Duke was used to working on a Sovereign class ship and was almost distraught when he realized the carpets and the hallways of the Cairo were similar to his last ships "perhaps some new federation designers are in order" Kevin thought to himself with a chuckle as he headed for the turboshaft on his floor. "Deck Five, Intelligence" Kevin called out when he entered the turboshaft.

The quiet humming of the lift and the similar surroundings helped to ease Kevin in this short moment. When the door opened on the Intelligence Chiefs floor Kevin took a deep breath and stepped onto the deck not knowing exactly what to expect. All the moments he spent training, and preparing for this challenge have finally come to be. Kevin walked to Ral's door and knocked.

Derin was surprised to hear a knock, but at the same time amused. "Enter." He called, placing both hands on the desk before him.

Kevin walked into the office where his new section chief was admiring a statue that was by his desk. "Lieutenant Kevin Duke reporting" Kevin said as he stood at attention before Ral's desk. In this moment Kevin took the time to admire all the personal effects in Ral's office,

Derin tilted his head. "Sit." he said indicating the chair opposite his own. The Betazoid lifted a PADD , poised to take notes. "Tell me about your last posting?"

Kevin sat in the chair across from Ral and focused on his own heart beat to help slow him down. Kevin took a deep breath and locked his eyes with Commander Ral, "It's truly a pleasure to meet you finally." Kevin said. "As you know my name is Kevin Duke and the Cairo is my second duty posting. I began Starfleet Academy as a security officer but was placed into the intelligence division based on my communication skills and the needs of the Federation. Before the disbanding of Task Force 58 I served as an Intel Officer under Captain Grace onboard the USS Independence. At this posting I was originally responsible for coordinating long range sensor findings in deep space to my Intel Chief. I was then promoted to a senior intelligence officer role where I was responsible for coordinating an intelligence presence in all departments of the ship. When Intelligence is needed to the Federation I have always volunteered to gather such information and my ability to lead small away teams on successful missions inspired me to become a section chief. "

Kevin stopped himself before he started rambling. He wanted to shine what he had and put it on the table for Commander Ral. An Assistant Chief isn't a job you walk into and now that he was here he didn't want Ral to doubt his abilities

Derin pursed his lips. Career Ambitions. He typed into his PADD. He looked at the PADD, then back at Lieutenant Duke. "I have adjusted the Duty roster to reflect your arrival."

Placing his personal PADD aside, the Betazoid retrieved another from a stack and slid it across the desk. "I expect a high level of promptness, dress, and deportment from my staff. I have no doubt that you will meet that standard." His black eyes locked on his subordinate.

Kevin knew the weight of these demands and could sense that his new section chief meant business. "Commander, I have no doubt that I can and will adhere to you're requirements. I know the the quality of my work will only bring success to the Cairo and her crew". Kevin said confidently believing that he was going to become exactly what the Cairo needed. "I haven't had a chance to meet the rest of the intelligence team yet, when should I report for duty"?

Derin looked past Duke, "As outlined, you'll be required to report in two days." He returned his gaze to the Lieutenant.

Kevin was anticipating these two days to acclimate to the ship and the dynamic of the crew. However he instinctively blurted out "I'm ready to take my post now sir, why wait?" Kevin smiled.

With a look of distatste, Derin pursed his lips. "Your eagerness is noted, but misplaced. " The Betazoid sat quite straight in his seat. "As scheduled, your duties will begin in two days. Am I understood Mister Duke?"

"Understood Commander, I look forward to exploring the ship and meeting my fellow crew mates." Kevin said shrugging off Ral's demand to start in two days. A short break will be good Kevin silently thought to himself. "It's good to be here Commander." Kevin said.

Standing from his seat, Ral gestured to the door. "I will see you when you report for duty Lieutenant. Until then." The Betazoid waited for the Lieutenant to stand.

"Sir" Kevin said as he stood. "I look forward to working with you". He turned away from the commander and opened the door to the bright hallway and quickly hurried out.

Derin watched as the Lieutenant left his office. One thing seemed certain, this was shaping up to be an interesting posting.


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