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Running a little late...

Posted on Wed Apr 19th, 2017 @ 8:24am by Lieutenant Jamie Leigh McDonald

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Roosevelt Station
Timeline: Current, Prior to departure

'We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it...'

Quickly ensuring all of her belongings were crammed into the single backpack which had accompanied her from Earth, Jamie Leigh studiously ignored the temptation to once again check the time. Doing so would serve no purpose and certainly wouldn't magically allow the shuttlecraft to reach their destination any faster. Instead she resigned herself to stare out into the vastness of space, ignoring any nagging doubts as they began the final approach to Roosevelt Station.

From there, she would transfer to the USS Cairo. Due to depart in less than an hour according to the updated orders she had received.

Being late simply wasn't an option.

She wasn't entirely sure why, of all things, a Roald Dahl quote would come to mind but at least the thought of the children's book was comforting. Which was of course ridiculous. She was a grown woman, a woman of science. There was no need to feel sick to her stomach. She could do this.

"Beginning final approach Lieutenant," Ensign Barnes announced, glancing over from the pilot's seat to offer a reassuring smile, "we'll have you on board the Cairo in plenty of time."

"Good to know, thank you," Jamie Leigh replied, leaning forward to try and get even the tiniest glimpse of what would become her new home. She had studied the specifications and anything else she could access during the journey here, hoping to get a feel for the ship before she had even stepped aboard. If nothing else, she was confident she could navigate the Cairo without getting hopelessly lost or having to ask the computer for directions.

Which just left the small matter of managing a new department with people she had never met. Still, she had to trust they were there on merit and could deal with whatever the days ahead would through at them.

"We are cleared for landing and someone will meet us and escort you to the transporter room," Barnes announced. "Perhaps next time you'll have a chance to explore the station."

"Next time," Jamie Leigh agreed with a nod. For now, however, she had only one interest.

The USS Cairo.


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