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Getting Started on the Diplomatic Facilities

Posted on Thu May 11th, 2017 @ 11:09pm by Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant Sébastien Grimaldi PhD.

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Diplomatic Facilities
Timeline: October 5, 2388; 1900h - MD1

Jon was down in the Diplomatic Facilities as he brought up the blueprint of sorts up on the large screen in front of him. He was studying it to see where he would begin. He had a couple engineers with him to help him as it would take more just him to get it completed and wouldn't take a long time to complete.

After he studied it he assigned different duties to the engineers as well as himself and he got his tools to begin always checking the blueprint every now and again to double check his stuff. He liked to be right the first time and not have to redo a mistake later.

Sébastien was hovering around looking over the shoulders of the Engineers. He mostly wanted to ensure that things were being done properly.

Lieutenant Grimaldi found his way over to Jon. "How are we progressing?" He asked.

Jon looked up, "Fine." Jon said as he went back to work. "Should be done within the next few days." he added as he kept working and has been working for the past close to twenty-four hours straight. But, with getting the Cairo ready for departure and now this task he has been busy. He's not sure what he thinks about the Chief Engineer yet.

Bash nodded. "That should be alright." He produced a small PADD from his uniform pocket, he scrolled through. "Finishes." He said aloud, lowering the device to look at Thompson. "I wanted to discuss the finishes for the entire facility."

He stood up and looked at him, "Alright you have my attention Lieutenant." Jon replied looking at him.

"I happen to have acquired a healthy amount of Betazoid Tulgey Wood." the diplomatic Officer smiled. "Given the rarity of the wood and the luxury of it, I'd like to have it used everywhere."

Sébastien moved about the room, picturing his own vision. " Starfleet finishing are far too utilitarian to make diplomats feel at home, should we be lucky to host any. I'm thinking paneling to cover the Starfleet grey. What do you think?" He asked, turning back to Jon.

"As you wish," Jon replied looking at him. He really didn't care how it looked he just wanted to get it done.

"I've also found some furniture patterns in the replicator menu, but I can worry about furnishings later." The Monegasque man smiled. "You said everything was progressing well?"

"Yes, right now were working on extending the wall as to your specifications as well as a few other things on your list." Jon replied looking at him, "Including updated computer core systems that you will need to do your job and a few minor furniture stuff." Jon added.

Nodding, Grimaldi smiled. "Perfect." He checked his chronometer. "If you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to. " The Diplomatic Officer gave a fleeting glance about the area. "You have work as well it seems."

He nodded and then went back to work himself, he wondered if he was going to add more work to be done later. He just shrugged as it kept him busy and not having to be in engineering at the moment.


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