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Meeting the Late Arrival

Posted on Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 9:35pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Lieutenant Jamie Leigh McDonald

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: CO Office
Timeline: October 5, 2388; 1830h -MD1

She noticed that their was a new person in blue that showed up on the Bridge as they were beginning their departure. She looked at her roster to see who it could be and noticed that their indeed was a later transfer. She tapped her combadge, "Colonel Leah to Lieutenant McDonald please report to my office." Leah stated then ended the comm channel.

She pulled up her record and began to read it while she waited for her to arrive. She took a drink of her tea while she read and was impressed with the Lieutenants records.

"On my way, Colonel," Jamie Leigh responded, hesitating slightly over the use of rank. During the short walk she idly wondered if their commanding officer preferred to be addressed by her rank or not. She knew what she personally preferred but each to their own, as her grandfather used to say.

Touching the door chime to announce her arrival she glanced briefly back over her shoulder, catching a few curious glances in her direction. Most people looked quickly away, others not so much. She didn't mind, in their place her own curiosity would get the better of her too.

As the door in front of her opened she returned her attention to the matter at hand, taking a deep breath to ensure she installed as much confidence in her voice as she entered the room, "you asked to see me, Colonel?"

She looked up, "Ah yes please come have a seat. Would you care for a drink?" Leah asked with a smile as she stood up.

"Thank you, but I'm fine," Jamie Leigh replied as she sat down on the opposite side of the coffee. "If I drink another Raktajino today I will be awake for days. I apologise for not being able to stop by before we left... Unavoidable delays when I was leaving Earth meant our schedule was cutting it fine."

"I understand, I had received a message along with your file saying you were on your way and that you be cutting it really close." Leah stated with a smile before she sat down. "Right now we are heading to the Cardassian/Breen borders to patrol the area. Their's been intelligence reports about increased activity between the borders." Leah began as she took a breathe and then a drink of her tea.

"Were not sure exactly whats going on but we are to go see if we can come up with any more intelligence. The USS Melbourne and USS Sirus have also been sent on patrol on in a different area of the Cardassian border out of sensor range but close enough to come if we run into major trouble." Leah added as she looked at the young Lieutenant in front of her.

Jamie Leigh arched an eyebrow as she contemplated exactly what 'major trouble' could mean. Since the colonel clearly meant the news to be reassuring rather than alarming, the scientist simply nodded.

"A reasonable precaution," she commented. "And of course the science department will be ready to assist. I haven't had the opportunity to meet with any of the team yet, but the files I were sent were promising and between them they have experience across a range of disciplines. I'm sure they will be able to deal with whatever the situation throws at us."

She nodded, "I am sure you can also work with the Chief Medical Officer, he has some science knowledge as well. He is well versed, so I am sure he will also come in handy when needed as well." Leah added looking.

"I'll be sure to introduce myself as soon as possible," Jamie Leigh promised. While she had personally had her fill of medical facilities to last a lifetime, she knew it would be short sighted to allow that to limit options. Besides, it was very different when you were dealing with co workers rather than your care givers. Thankfully. "My own background is in the biomedical sciences with a few others thrown in so I'm sure we will find some common ground. With regards to the immediate future, however, is there anything you require of the science department? Any immediate concerns you would like me to address?"

"Not at the moment, just to get your department in order. I am not sure what we will encounter on our mission so just be prepared for anything really." Leah stated looking at her for a moment.

After talking for a few more minutes she finally dismissed the Science Officer to get to work and get familiar with her staff and the ship. When she left she finished what she was doing and decided to go get some rest. It be later then expected before they would arrive at their destination to give Engineering team more time to finish the weapons. So she had the Chief Flight Control Officer slow speeds down where they would arrive first thing in the morning.

Night shift was coming on duty and she decided it was a good time to get some rest as she was beginning to feel it.


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