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Meeting the Marines

Posted on Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 12:51am by Captain Christian Rogers & Major Alexander (Lex) Kainen

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Marine county
Timeline: October 5, 2388; 1900h - MD1

Kainen had dismissed his teem leads after the security mission briefing and had returned to his office. He sat behind his desk reviewing the information provided by his teem leads about their teems when he decided that he defiantly needed to touch base with the Marine Detachment Commanding Officer.

He brought up his personal file and service records, after a quick review he closed the files then left his office signing out at the security station before heading to the turbo lift.

He arrived at the lift and hit the call button beside the door, a few seconds later it opened and he stepped in. "Marine command deck!"

The doors slid shut and the lift took off for the bowels of the ship. It took a few minutes to reach the deck with the lift stopping to pick up and drop off various crew members. Finally the lift arrived and he stepped out.

There was a marine check station just out side of the lift, most of the deck belonged to the marine command and for security reasons all staff entering and leaving the section need to be checked in. He had been made aware of this procedure when he read the security briefing when he took his new post.

When the corporal behind the station saw him he stood up and saluted. Kainen saluted back, "at ease corporal"

He relaxed "what can i do for you Major?"

"I am looking for your Captain."

"He should be in his office." he said pushing a button.

A young private came out of one of the doors down the hall. "Private Douglas will show you the way, have a good day Major."

The corporal saluted and Kainen returned it before following the private down the hall. They passed the door to the barracks, training hall, and the firing range. Finally they stopped at the Captains office. "Here you are Major, do you need anything else?"

"No, that will be all. Thank you private."

The private saluted then turned and left. Kainen tapped the door chime out side the Captains office.

Rogers had just moved from his desk to a small couch he kept in his office for times like this. He'd been pouring over the personnel files of the ship. He was as familiar as he believed he could be for his own command, so at this time he was going over the Fleeter personnel files. It was something to do, at the very least, while he whittled down the long wait that was a Marine's life underway on a starship.

It was only due to the lateness of the hour and that he didn't feel a need to distinguish between being in his office and being in his quarters, that the door was closed. It was with some surprise, however, that he heard the door chime. Still lying, staring at the PaDD and information contained on it, he gave the simple order that would open the door and allow whichever one of his officers at the door to enter.

The door in front of Kainen slid open and he stepped into the Marine CO's office. Quickly he glanced around and saw a man sitting on a small couch. Form what he could see he was around the same age as himself, and when he saw his eyes he could instantly tell that he was a Betazoid. He had worked with Betazoids before but they still make him uneasy, he didn't like the idea of someone being able to read his emotions.

"Captain Rogers I presume."

Expecting the late visitor to be just another one of his admin officers, or possibly Kawolski acting in the role of his aide de camp, he was relaxed. Until he noticed the major walking through the door. it was the oak cluster that he first noticed, honestly, as the stranger came through the door. Because of that he went into auto mode and rolled off the couch, dropping the PaDD into a pocket and standing stiffly. He knew who the officer was, of course, having studied the personnel files but wasn't expecting to see the ship's chief security officer in his quarters after normal duty hours. "Major, my apologies, I wasn't expecting you."

Kainen returned the salute, "Major Alexander Kainen, it a pleasure to meet you, Captain."

"Thank you, Major, you as well. Please have a seat," Rogers said, indicating either the couch or the several chairs around the desk. At this point, due to rank, he was allowing Kainen to select where he wanted to sit.

"Captain Rogers, I'm sorry for the lateness of the hour but I wanted to meet with you before we get to deep into our mission."

"Before we continue, is this about any of my command?" Rogers asked, wanting to get the most obvious reason for a late night visit out of the way. If someone had acted inappropriately and found themselves 'guests' of the brig would be extremely irritating to Rogers, but also an explanation.

Kainen smiled, "No, Captain this is not about your command. It's more procedural. I thought it would be best if we got a few chain of command issues that I have had problems with before. I just want to establish a clear mission jurisdiction. I think that it will be beneficial to my security teem and your marine detachment."

"What I have had success with in the past is that the security department handles all ship based security and defence with the Marine detachment commander following the orders of the chief of security. That is reversed for all off ship missions. For example if we were boarded you would report to me and if we were boarding an enemy ship I would have to report to you, even though I out rank you."

Rogers frowned as he took the seat behind the desk. "I'm sorry, Major, but that does sound like common procedure regarding Marines on a starship. Unless explicity countermanded by the ship's captain, to whom I report directly, then yes, we do not take action onboard ship without higher authority to do so. Such as orders from the Captain or requests from you. This has not been your experience?"

"Yes, it has Captain, but this ship provides an unknown variable and as I'm sure you can relate, the worst thing in an emergency situations are unknown variables. You see, Captain, every other ship that I have served on has had a clear separation of Fleet and Corp, there was no need for this conversation, However, this ship is different from any other ship I have served on because the almost whole command staff is Marine Corp, even some of my security officers are Marines which would technically be bound by the Corp to follow your orders over the orders of a Fleet officer, the same goes for your personnel, you are a Captain and I a Major technically your personnel would be bound to follow my orders over yours. If I was a lieutenant commander they wouldn't think twice about it, they would not listen to a Fleet officer over a Marine one. With the blurred lines on this ship I just wanted to make sure thing run smoothly. That is all."

"Except, respectfully, Major, you're forgetting how billet trumps rank. Your Marine security officers are not under my jurisdiction or command, therefore any orders I give regarding security would not be able to countermand yours, or any other officer in the security department. Nor would my Marines be bound to follow any orders you give that countramanded mine. In this instance, my billet is superior to yours as I answer directly to the Captain, on par with the ship's executive officer."

Rogers sighed. "But yes, it is a most unusual ship and I would hope that neither of us have personnel that would willfully ignore any non-conflicting, lawful order given by any superior rank or rate aboard the ship. I appreciate how this could be viewed as a problem. I'll make sure to disseminate down the chain the reminder regarding rank and billet. If you do the same, that should help."

Kainen smiled, this Marine captain did at least have a good head on his shoulders. He new that they would work well together. "Very good, Captain, like you said I doubt that this would be an issue but i just wanted to make sure that it was addressed before it even came up. Again I'm sorry for taking your time at this late hour."

Kainen stood up

"Not a problem at all, Major, as you can see there's still a lot of work to be done for all sides," Rogers said as he stood with the Major. "Such is the life of a new ship I guess." He hit the control that summoned the POOW that would escort Major Kainen out of Marine Country.

"It was good to meet you, Captain"

Kainen saluted.

"You as well, Major. I look forward to a successful working relationship." Rogers acknowledged the PFC come to escort the Major.

Kainen turned on his heels and left the captains office picking up his escort when he entered the corridor. He need to get some sleep, tomorrow would be a busy day.


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