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Checking In

Posted on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 10:41pm by Brigadier General Leah Katana & Commander Tullos

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Operations
Timeline: MD01 1030h


After a quick check of the operations center, the Executive Officer figured it was the right time to check in with the Commanding Officer. He had never served under a Marine Commanding officer, but was optimistic and always did what was best for the crew and the Federation. Approaching the Brigadier General's office he pressed the chime requesting permission to enter.

Leah was going over reports when the door chimed, "Enter" she said as she stood up from her desk to see the doors open and an Andorian Commander standing there. "Please have a seat, would you care for something to drink?" Leah asked looking at him.

"No thank you," Commander Tullos said with a polite smile and slight nod, he was actually caught off guard. He planned on entering the office and coming to a full salute "Commander Tullos, reporting for duty sir" he said before taking the offered seat.

She picked up a pad, "So you are my new Executive Officer." She said as she read his service record and placed it on her desk. "Welcome aboard Roosevelt Station Commander. I am Brigadier General Katana Leah-Stone but you can just call me Leah." Leah stated looking at him, "so what brings you to Roosevelt?" Leah asked looking at him.

"Thank you for the warm welcome" the Andorian replied, trying not to sound dry. Adjusting in his seat, sitting up straight, almost stiff "my transfer was recommended by Commodore Henson, my former Commanding Officer" Tullos said raising an eyebrow.

She smiled, Commodore Henson was a hard one to please so for him to recommend this assignment was a good sign she was on his good side. She learned that you do not want to get on his bad side. "Well, this is a unique station and I am sure this will be a unique crew. We have the USS Cairo which is my ship that will be attached here as well as two others the USS Melbourne an Akira and the USS Sirus a Defiant. They will be our patrol vessels as well as if we are needed off base." Leah stated looking at him.

"Right now the Sirus is running patrol of the Ferengi/Federation border and Melbourne is patrolling the area surrounding the station. As far as the Cairo, she is going to be undergoing some repairs as well as a refit." Leah stated.

"Sound like the station" he paused, not having had time to review the station's defensive systems "will be well protected" he knew both classes were more than capable of defending Federation assets.

"Indeed she will, with the Cairo being a Sovereign once she's repaired she can be easily deployed if need be," Leah stated. "With the situation going on within the Inconnu Expanse and the Alkaris Pact we will have to be on alert," Leah stated as she handed him a padd on the Alkaris Pact and what they are.

The Commander took a quick glance at the padd, he knew she didn't expect him to read the information now. Each ship class stationed at Roosevelt Station had it's advantages in times of war "The station is also quite impressive" it had room for civilian and fleet activities "I plan to review security protocols personally" he knew with all the comings and goings things could be missed and he didn't want that on his watch.

She nodded, "Well if there isn't anything else I'll let you get to that, plus I am sure you want to get settled in and explore the station." Leah said as she looked at him.

Standing he offered a nod "thank you, I'll see you in ops" the Executive Officer started toward the door.

She nodded and watched him leave, she would finish up her reports and then head to the Promenade to get some lunch after she was finished. She would also take a tour of the station to get a feel for the layout. Granted she's been on DS9 before but she really never got a good look at it, she was just there for a conference a few years ago.


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