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Foot Meet Mouth

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2019 @ 12:37pm by Lieutenant Rhys Vaughan & Lieutenant Commander Alexander Knight & Ensign Eretria of Elas & Miranda Knight & Lucas Knight

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Replimat on the Promenade
Timeline: MD03 1230h


Xander and his family entered the replimat and queued up to get their lunch. Lucas was especially hungry as often growing teenaged boys often are. Miranda was staring at a PADD detailing the afternoons work orders she had been assigned. Xander glanced about looking for Rhys. The Chief Science Officer had seemed a nice fellow when they had met in Ops that morning and both men had an affinity for the ocean.

Rhys had arrived in the replimat just a few minutes earlier. He had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. While small in statue he had never been one to eat healthy foods. He saw Xander and his family enter and gave a quick wave.

Xander spotted Rhys sitting at a table and held up a finger to indicate they would be just a minute. The family got up to the replicators and ordered their food before joining Rhys at his table.

Xander sat down and pointed to his kids as he introduced them in turn. "Lieutenant Rhys, I would like you to meet my daughter Miranda and my son Lucas."

Miranda gave a shy nod of her head, but remained quiet.

Lucas looked Rhys over and struck out his hand. "Hi Lieutenant."

Rhys grasped the child’s hand, “nice to meet you, Lucas.”

Lucas took note of blue trim on Rhys' uniform and determined the man was a scientist. "May I ask what field of science do you work in?"

“Biology, biochemistry, and quantum mechanics. Kind of an odd combination,” he said with a grin.

Miranda took a few bites of her sandwich then noticed the time on the wall chronometer. "Oh. Sorry to eat and run, but I have to be back aboard the Cairo for afternoon work call in about five minutes."

Xander gave his daughter a nod. "Go ahead. We'll take your tray back to the replicator for recycling."

Miranda turned briefly to Rhys. "It was a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant."

Rhys acknowledged Miranda, “I be seeing around the Cairo, I’m overseeing the repairs. Maybe with your help we can get the ship up and running by the end of the week.”

Miranda smiled at Rhys and nodded. "I look forward to that sir." She turned to her father. "I don't know how long I'll be working with Kaylee this afternoon. If I am going to be very late I will call."

Xander nodded at his daughter. "Do good today kiddo. Love you."

Miranda waved as she headed out for the Cairo.

Eretria entered the Replimat as Miranda was saying her goodbyes to her family. She got her lunch and looked about for a place to sit in the crowd. There was no empty tables and very few empty seats. She let out a a sigh as she debated placing her lunch back into the replicator and just heading back to her quarters for something to eat.

Rhys was in mid-sentence about to ask Xander something about the ocean. He looked up at Eretria. He hadn’t seen her on the station before, “Who’s that?” He leaned in to ask Xander.

Xander turned his head to look at Eretria. He recognized her as the one talking to Major Mattis in the Security Center that morning. There was something familiar about her, but he couldn't quite remember. "I'm not sure."

Lucas looked up from his PADD, spotting who his father and Rhys were talking about. His brain brought up a news article he'd read a few years before. "She is Eretria. Daughter of Dohlman Alara of Elas. She was accepted to Starfleet Academy about four years ago. Her older brother is the Crown Prince and commands the Elasian Defense Force. Her older sister is the Elasian Ambassador on the Federation Council." He paused for a moment as he looked at Rhys and his father. "I read a news article about her when she joined the Academy."

Rhys continued his stare of amazement at the young boy. "Wow," he said. "When I was that age, all I had on my mind was swimming or following girls." He turned his attention back towards Eretria, "wow," he said about her too.

Xander let out a long sigh as he gave a light chuckle. "Well, that certainly answers a small mystery I was tasked with solving."

Eretria wound her way about the Replimat looking for a table to sit at. She gave a shake of her head and turned back to go recycle her tray.

Rhys stood up and quickly made his way to the lady before she could get too far. “Ensign, if you’re looking for a seat, you’re welcome to join the commander and me.” Rhys gave Eretria a boyish smile. “Lieutenant Vaughan, Chief Science Officer,” he said with charisma as he looked into her eyes.

Eretria looked at Rhys silently for a moment as she considered his offer. Her initial reaction was to refuse. She opened her mouth to speak, but shut it just as quickly. She gave him an appreciative nod and gestured with her tray. "Thank you sir. Please lead on."

Xander had a slightly amused expression by the time the two reached the table.

Rhys slowly pulled out a chair for Eretria then sat between her and Xander. “What brings you to Roosevelt Station?”

Eretria sat down, placing her tray on the table. She looked down at her uniform and then his. She let out a small sigh with a half smile on her face. "Probably the same thing that brings you here sir. I was assigned here."

Rhys laughed, “I volunteered for this assignment. Being on the frontier of Federation space sounded like an exciting assignment.”

Xander cocked an eyebrow as he looked from Rhys to Eretria.

Eretria looked at Rhys as she took a few bites of her food. "So you find the prospect of serving on the frontier of Federation Space to be an exciting adventure?"

“Absolutely, it reminds me of the stories about explorers from Ancient Earth. Setting sail for the unknown. Exploring strange new worlds and species. Who know what’s beyond Federation space,” Rhys explained.

Xander inhaled deeply but remained quiet.

Eretria nodded at Rhys. "I see." She looked around for a moment and spotted someone from security at another table. She turned back to Rhys and Xander. "If you'll excuse me, I see someone I need to talk to about a security concern. Good day Lieutenant, Commander, young man." She rose from the table and moved to another.

Rhys quickly interjected, “see you around” and he gave her a smile. He turned to Xander with a puzzled look on his face.

Xander shook his head slowly as he let out his breath in a sigh. "Elas is on the Federation/Klingon border, much like we are here with the Ferengi. She is a member of the royal family. What you call the frontier, she calls home."

Rhys shrugged. “I guess I forgot that.” He looked over at Lucas and made a somewhat silly face then return to his lunch.


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