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Personal Space

Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 7:19pm by Lieutenant David Mattis & Lieutenant Jamie Leigh McDonald

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Corridor, Deck 5
Timeline: October 6, 2388; 0550h - MD2

In hindsight, which was wonderful wonderful thing, deviating from her planned route was perhaps not the best idea. Had insomnia not left her with an almost nervous energy, her normal morning run would have sufficed and she would have been showering and changing into a fresh uniform and getting ready to begin her first full day aboard the ship....

Instead, she found herself currently lying on top of a stranger who she had unceremoniously ran into (head first) before momentum sent them both crashing to the deck. "Oh god, I am so so sorry," Jamie Leigh uttered as she scrambled back, climbing to her feet and offering an outstretched hand. Able now to see her poor victim clearly she offered an apologetic smile. "It was totally my fault, I wasn't looking.... are you alright? Here, let me at least pick up your equipment."

Grunting, Mattis said smiling,, "No, im alright, are you ok?" he said as he pulled himself to his knees, looking at the scattered PADD'S on the deck around him.

"I'm fine," Jamie Leigh assured him, kneeling down to help gather together the PADD's. It was the least she could do, considering she caused the mess. Holding out a small collection towards him, she offered her free hand, "I'm Jamie, by the way. Which would have been a much better introduction than knocking you into next week...."

Smiling as he stood, he looked down at her, and extending his hand to help her up, said, "No, its perfectly fine, names Dave, Dave Mattis, and i keep this boat running." He hoped in the back of his mind that him being a virtual giant didn't scare this poor woman.

"In that case you are my favourite person on the ship already," Jamie Leigh grinned, taking the outstretched hand. He pulled her up with no apparent effort, not that standing made much of a difference. Remember the PADDs in her hands she held them out towards him, adding, "and these are yours..."

Taking the PADDs from the woman, Mattis smiled. "So, What brings you aboard, and how do you like it here so far?", Mattis said, trying to make small talk.

"I am queen of the science geeks," Jamie Leigh explained with a grin. "I arrived with about ten minutes to spare yesterday so I haven't seen much of the ship so far. But I'm impressed regardless."

"Yeah, this Bird has it all, and im pretty sure you will find the facilities aboard more than adequate to indulge in your love for science", Mattis said smiling. Shifting his weight around he asked, "So i take it your wondering about my last name, i mean, where it comes from that is ?" Cracking another small smile he added, "Reason i ask is people always ask me about it."

"They do?" Jamie Leigh asked, head tilting slightly to the side as she considered if she would ever have asked such a thing. But still, she was aiming for redemption so thought it best to ask anyway. Yet before she could frame the question she knew he wanted her to ask, she found herself asking, "Mattis originates from the Hebrew given name Mattathiah, does it not?"

"It does", He said quietly. "It's also a family name name, the last name held by my great, great Grandfather who was a great Marine General way back when". Shifting subjects, he asked, "So, where are you headed off too next?"

"Well assuming I can avoid crashing into the rest of the senior staff, I'm heading back to shower and change and get my official tour of the science department, get to put some faces to the names I've read about," Jamie Leigh confided. "And I'm sure there will be coffee in there somewhere."

"Im sure you will do fine", Mattis said smiling. "As i said the science facilities are quite impressive, the crew is friendly, and this is a great ship to be on". "If you should need anything, or want to take a look around Main Engineering, feel free to come down, i'll be there all day".

"I'll keep that in mind," Jamie Leigh promised, returning the smile.

"Is there anything else i can do for you, Lieutenant?"

"You've forgiven me for being clumsy so I'll bail while the going is good," Jamie Leigh grinned. "You have a good day, Lieutenant."

"You As well".

David tuned and walked away thinking, "Wow, she was beautiful". The thought made him smile as his mind slid back into work mode.


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