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Getting Ready For A Date

Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2019 @ 7:12am by Lieutenant Kaylee Harrison & Miranda Knight

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Main Engineering and Kaylee's Quarters
Timeline: MD03 1555h


Miranda walked into Main Engineering and placed her issue tool kit in her assigned locker before heading over to see Kaylee. She handed the PADD with the completed work order for systems upgrades to the shuttlecraft. "I got done with the systems upgrades you wanted Lieutenant. She should operate better than new."

She looked at the padd and looked at Miranda, "Nice work for your first day." Kaylee said with a smile as she tapped a few controls to see. She was impressed with the work that she did.

"Well the night shift should be arriving shortly, so you can go ahead and go I will finish up my reports for the night crew before heading out," Kaylee said as she looked at Miranda.

Miranda looked thoughtful for a moment before perking up. "I don't mind waiting with you for a few minutes. I you get ready...for tonight."

She looked at Miranda and chuckled, "I suppose." Kaylee said with a smile as the night crew showed up and she gave her report. When she was done she turned back around to Miranda. "Ready?" She asked looking at her.

Miranda nodded. "Yes ma'am." She followed Kaylee out and several minutes later found herself walking up to the door of Kaylee's quarters. She was rather excited to help Kaylee prepare for the night with her father. She glanced at Kaylee as they stopped at her door. "Do you know what you want to wear tonight?"

They walked into her quarters, "Not really." Kaylee said as her cheeks went red. This was all new to her so she really had no idea what to wear or what was appropriate for a first date.

Miranda took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Well then, let's see what you got." She gave Kaylee a warm, reassuring smile.

She smiled as they walked into her bedroom and opened up her closet, "So anything you can tell me about your dad?" Kaylee asked as she looked at Miranda.

Miranda slid one hanger after another to the side as she looked at Kaylee's wardrobe. She paused to look at Kaylee. A curious smile on her face. "What would you like to know?"

She looked at her, "Um.." she said trying to think of what she would like to know. "What kind of things does he like?" She asked looking at her while Miranda searched through her things.

Miranda returned to her rummaging as she answered Kaylee's question. "He loves the water, like surfing, sailing, diving." She grew thoughtful for a moment. "He liked to dance a long time ago." Miranda paused in her rummaging and pulled out a royal blue satin dress and held it up to Kaylee's torso. She nodded after about a ten count. "This is the dress."

She smiled, the last time she wore that dress was when she graduated from the Academy the after party. She never wore it since and felt it would be perfect for tonight.

Miranda grabbed Kaylee and herded her towards the fresher with a big grin on her face. "You go take a shower and I will pick out some shoes and accessories for it. I promise you will look drop dead gorgeous for tonight."

She nodded and headed to take a shower, after about 30 minutes she came back out in the dress and her hair still in the towel to let it dry a little more. She looked almost silly dressing up.

Miranda patted a chair at Kaylee's vanity. "You sit and I will brush out your hair for you. Then we can get some makeup on you and you will be all set."

She sat down on the chair, she was enjoying this time with Miranda. "So what kind of things do you like?" She asked out of curiosity.

Miranda thought about the question for a moment. "I guess I like what a lot of girls my age do. Things like music and fashion, but my passion I suppose is inventing. It's pretty cool coming up with an idea for a device or tool that can really be helpful."

Kaylee smiled, "I was the same way at your age," Kaylee said as Miranda combed her hair. "I gotta say I am very impressed with the work you did on your first day. Keep it up and you will put me out of a job." Kaylee said as she winked at Miranda then laughed.

Miranda let a small giggle escape as she picked out a few cosmetics she knew her father liked. "Wait until I get my own tool kit from Earth. I just might be able to take over in engineering for you then." She placed the chosen cosmetics in front of Kaylee. "Use these, but only sparingly to enhance your natural beauty. Dad doesn't go in for the painted face look." She then picked up a brush and started working on Kaylee's hair.

While Miranda worked on her hair she started to do her makeup, she was kind of nervous for her date as she's really never been on one though until now she always tended to stick to herself and avoid people when she wasn't on duty. But Xander made that all different and she was starting to come out of her shell.

Miranda finished brushing out Kaylee's hair and then looked at her reflection. She smiled at how beautiful Kaylee looked. The trace amounts of makeup did make Kaylee look amazing. "You are going to knock dad's socks off." She turned to the bed and picked up two different sets of earrings. "Which do you think is best?"

She looked at them and then pointed to the blue sapphire that matched her outfit. "Those would look the best," Kaylee said with a smile.

Miranda handed the blue sapphire earrings to Kaylee and watched as she put them in her earlobes. A big grin came to her face. 'Dad doesn't stand a chance', she thought to herself.

She smiled, "I look alright?" She asked looking at Miranda always unsure if this was good or not. She was hopeless, she thought to herself.

"You look beautiful Kaylee." Miranda gazed at Kaylee's eyes in the mirror. "There's just one more thing." She took her necklace off and placed it about Kaylee's neck. She looked at Kaylee's reflection once again and nodded. "Perfect."

She looked at Miranda, "This is yours...I can't possibly wear this." She said as she had a feeling that the necklace was something special to Miranda though she didn't know how.

Miranda placed her hands on Kaylee's shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze. "You can and you will. You can call it a loaner for now."

She smiled at Miranda and decided to hug her, "Your such a sweet girl." She said as she looked at her.

A tear formed in Miranda's eye as she smiled at Kaylee. "What is it we kids say? Takes one to know one."


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