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The Grand Tour (of sorts...)

Posted on Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 11:31am by Lieutenant Jamie Leigh McDonald

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Deck 7
Timeline: October 6, 2388; 1100hr - MD2

"... and this is the Hydroponics Bay," Ensign T'Kal explained as he touched a door panel to grant access to the room behind, his expression as neutral as it had been throughout the 'tour'. And yet there was something in his voice, well hidden but it was there. Almost like when a parent begins talking about their child. Pride, perhaps?

At the invitation, Lieutenant McDonald stepped into the Hydroponics Bay, or rather the observation room for the bay itself. Monitors carefully tracked every environmental details, ensuring optimum conditions and providing early warning of any potential issues. Yet her gaze was drawn to what lay beyond the observation room, having to admit it was quite a view. There was just so much colour, all in stark contrast to the sterile white equipment and the grey on grey colour scheme. So much life...

"I'm impressed Ensign," she complimented, glancing over her shoulder at the botanist. "I've never seen a hydroponics bay on a starship before. Certainly nothing like this."

The Vulcan gave a subtle nod in acknowledgement. "To the right is our laboratory. We have a further three individuals within the department who can assist me when needed; however, much of our processes are automated to maximise efficiency."

"Ensign Phillips and crewmen Jones and Riley," Jamie Leigh replied as she moved to the doorway leading to the lab, content to peer inside for now. She had no wish to have to gear up to go into a laboratory. Not today. Besides, gardening was not her forte.

"Yes," T'Kal confirmed, surprise showing for just an instant.

"I'll ensure you have sufficient help, Ensign," Jamie Leigh assured him. "And I can certainly see why you saved this for last. And thank you for the tour, you were most patient."

"Questions are an efficient way to gather information," T'Kal commented. "It would be illogical not to answer your queries, given they were pertinent to your new position."

Jamie Leigh couldn't help but grin. It was just so... so... Vulcan. "Well, thank you anyway. If you will excuse me, I will let you return to your duties. I have to see a man about a Tribble."

"A Tribble?"

"Trust me, Ensign," Jamie Leigh assured him as she walked towards the exit, "you do not want to know."


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