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Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 10:54pm by Robert Skoven

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Roosevelt Station
Timeline: MD03 1200


"The blood and guts, and wine spilled like water from the battle! You wouldn't believe it even if you were there!" The Klingon who was supposed to get off at the previous stop, decided that he wanted to fight a Ferrengi, at least that is what he had bellowed out during the last three hours of the trip. He now spoke to a friend very loudly on his communicator.

"I tell you! No one bleeds like a Romulan!" The Klingon snorted.

Robert, who had given up on sleep, leaned his head against the hull. almost afraid that he was going to put it through the thin exterior. He had picked up a record of common Ferrengi business phrases, most of them variations on the rules of acquisition. The harsh nasally tones of what he thought must have been a Ferrengi female echoed through the earphones. The rather large transport that he had been on had been replaced one that barely looked starworthy for the last stretch of the journey, which led to him to become even more intimate with the Klingon.

"Human! Have you ever seen the blood of an opponent pool at your feet?" The Klingon shook Robert out of his trance. The call had ended at some point and the Klingon had turned towards his seat mate.

"Can't say that I have, never really been in the position." Robert pulled the ear phones and let them drop in his lap. "Seen a man disintegrated by a tomb trap though, high energy beam hit him while he attempted to remove an artifact, nothing left. Not even blood."

"Ohh?" The Klingon turned to him in interest.

"Yeah, the Kela'do people on Turiba Three if I remember correctly. Fellow I was with tried to loot a very clearly marked artifact. If he had been able to read Kela'do, it warned that if it was disturbed, a transfer to the gods would be required. Some sort of solar powered beam hit hom from a prism in the ceiling. *Poof* didn't have time to stop him." Skoven motioned to the ceiling. "Just the smell of some burning hair and a trace of minerals. Quite efficient and effective really."

"That would not bring honor to his ancestors." The Klingon contemplated the event. "And the artifact?"

"Turned out the prism took years to recharge, due to the brightness of their star. When the culture had built the tomb, their star was brighter, in the ten thousand years or so it sat there, the magnitude of the star had changed to that of a white dwarf. There wasn't enough energy for a second blast. Maybe in another thousand years or so.

"What of the Kela'do?"

"The Kela'do had long died off and scattered to the stars. I gave the trinket to my aunt for her birthday."

The Klingon grunted. "Not a good day to die."

"No, can't say it was. I told him not to touch anything until I looked at it, but it was too tempting I guess." Robert produced a business card and handed it to Klingon. "If you need anything rare or otherwise, look me up I"

He was cut off as the tell tale sound of warp ended. An announcement came over the speaker. "Welcome to Roosevelt station, we will be docked in two minutes, please stow all items in appropriate overhead bins. We will be docking on upper pylon three."

The normal activity of those whom had enough of each others company erupted as people cast off any of the pleasantries that they had attempted in the last six hours.

"May you find luck..." The Klingon looked at the card. "Robert Skoven, may the fates smile upon you here. Qapla'!"

"Good luck on finding that Ferrengi to punch." Skoven put his earphones in his pocket. "I hear they bite."

"Ahhhh! I welcome them to try!" The Klingon grinned as the shuttle lurched into the docking pylon. He stood up, grabbed a bat'leth and bag from the overhead and pushed his way through the throng of passengers out of sight and on to the station.

A few moments went by as Skoven let the rest of the passengers leave. When it was only him, he finally stood, grabbed his bag from the same compartment, and headed towards the exit, towards this new "Opportunity."


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