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Taking Care of Business

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant Kaylee Harrison & Lieutenant Rhys Vaughan & Miranda Knight

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: USS Cairo - Main Engineering
Timeline: MD03 1500


The roaring sound of the Warp Core coming online buzzed in Main Engineering as Rhys worked on transferring power to the science systems. That had been his main goal since heading over to the Cairo after lunch. Profiencey reports showed that the team was working well above expectations and the ship should be fully operational ahead of the deadline.

Rhys made his way over to a nearby console where the Lieutenant was hard at work. "Lieutenant, everything going well?" he asked.

She looked up from the console, "Yep got Miranda doing the computer upgrades on one of the Shuttles." Kaylee said looking at him. "Lieutenant Harrison to Ms. Knight could you please come to Main Engineering for a bit?" She asked as she needed some assistance and she wanted to give her all the hands-on experience she could get.

Miranda's voice came over the communications circuit. =^=Sure thing Lieutenant, be there in one minute.=^=

“Seems like you’re keeping her busy. Is she keeping up to your standards?” Rhys asked.

She smiled at him, "Yes indeed. She's actually quite good and impressed so far." Kaylee said with a smile.

“That’s a good thing,” Rhys responded. “You think we’ll be ready to turn power on to the Quantum Slipstream drive soon. I was hoping to do a test jump before long.”

"Well I have already finished the QSD and done all the simulations on it and everything is working up to par. The real test is when she actually taken out of the dock and really tested. From what I hear that will be on MD07 when the Cairo is sent to pick up General Leah and Colonel Stone from Bajor." Kaylee responded with a smile.

Rhys scrolled through the PADD in his hand. “I don’t see a status report on the QSD. Would you submit that to me ASAP so we don’t have any mix ups?” Rhys turned around to another console.

She raised an eyebrow, "I just got done not even an hour ago, I haven't had time to write any reports with all the work that still needs to be done before the deadline." Kaylee said wondering who was in charge of Engineering. "You will have it in the morning." She added with a sigh.

“Sounds good,” Rhys said back to Kaylee. “I’d like to have the ship ready before we leave for Bajor.”

Miranda came running into engineering and skidded to a stop before both Rhys and Kaylee. Her face was red and she was most definitely winded from her sprint from the shuttlebay to here. She covered a cough as she straightened up before both officers and coughed out a, "Here sirs."

Rhys smiled at Miranda showing all his pearly white teeth then shook his head. "That was quick," he said to the out of breath intern. He then turned to Kaylee, "wish I had an intern that worked that hard."

Kaylee continued her work trying to get things done before shift change in an hour. "Is there anything else you need Lieutenant?" She asked looking at him as she worked.

Rhys paused. “Do you think the phaser relays will be ready for testing by tomorrow? The conduits on deck 10 still look incomplete.”

She looked at him for a moment and taking a deep breathe, "Yes Lieutenant the next shift is going to be working on that and should be done by the morning." Kaylee said looking at him.

Rhys saw the way Kaylee was looking at him. He went back to studying his console. He then took a deep breat, “Lieutenant, I don’t mean to keep pressuring you and I have now doubts in your ability as an engineer.” He paused.

Miranda took a step forward now that she'd caught her breath. "Uh, I could take a look at the conduits on Deck 10."

Rhys smiled at the young girl’s ambition. “That’s up to Lieutenant Harrison. We also need the secondary EPS conduits tested too.” He looked over at Kaylee. “Or should the second shift do that too.” Rhys smiled. He was trying to ‘poke the bear.’

Sighing she didn't answer for a moment to keep her calm, "She still needs to finish the upgrades to the shuttle. The second shift will need something to do and with an hour left of the shift I would like it if she can finish that upgrade." She said looking at him almost annoyed.

Rhys eyes had a look of shock in them. He paused planning his next move. “I’m just trying to get this ship ready for launch.” He turned and his hands danced across the LCARs console. He was running a diagnostic test on deflector control. “Some of us will be burning the midnight oil to get this ship ready. He never looked up from the console. He then looked up at Miranda. “Once you’ve finished with your shift, you’re welcome to stay over with me and pull a double. Could always use the help.”

She about had it with him and turned to him, "Let's get this straight Lieutenant." She said as she faced him, "This is my department and I give the orders here! Do I make myself perfectly clear!" She barked as she was fed up with him trying to run the show. "Trust and believe that I want this ship done as much as the next person. But, it's going to take the team to get it done not one person!." She added as she stared at him.

"You can stay over if you so wish, but let my team do their job as well!" She stated as she looked at him before walking off to finish the other tasks she had to do before shift change.

He stood there in the wake of her explosion. His eyes bulged, not expecting that from her. “Guess someone’s in a bad mood,” Rhys mumbled to himself. He looked around engineering to see multiple crewmen looking at him. He waved with a boyish smile on his face then returned to his console.

Miranda was visibly upset with the confrontation between Kaylee and Rhys. She swallowed the lump in her throat and croaked out, "I'm going to get back to the shuttle upgrades." She turned and fled engineering almost as quickly as she arrived.

With that work continued to move on making headway in getting the work done that was needed to get the ship operational.


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