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Lwazanda’s Day Out

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 @ 9:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Knight & Lieutenant Rhys Vaughan & Lwazanda Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Lwazanda’s Temporary Quarters and Ops
Timeline: MD04 0815h


Lwazanda’s Temporary Quarters

After having awkenken early, Lwazanda sat eager awaiting her handmaiden to come to dress her. When Mirenna entered her eyes went wide as she thought maybe she was late.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were awake.” She stammered as she hurried to the bedside.

Lwazanda threw back the covers. “Never you worry little dove. I woke up early.”

Mirenna nodded. And hurried to the large waurdrobes the filled a corner of the room. She pulled out an Emerald kaftan. The neckline was heavily embellished. She also produced a sliver toned turban head wrap.

The younger Betazoid helped Lwazanda into the garment and put all the finishing touches on her mistress.

“Good.” Lwazanda took in her own image in the mirror as Mirenna helped her into a pair of strappy heels. She was clearly pleased with the finished product. “ I have errands. You can check on the status of the Andorian marble for the staircase.”

Mirenna nodded as Lwazanda left hurriedly.

Lwazanda walked with purpose, not really paying much mind to anyone she passed on her way to the lift.


Xander was reviewing the repair logs for the work on the Cairo. Crews were doing a fine job in regards to the engineering and science spaces, but some of the issues with the tactical systems were starting to fall behind. He walked over to Rhys at the Ops Science Station. "Excuse me Lieutenant, but do you know why repairs on the Cairo's phaser targeting and deflector systems aren't quite up to speed?"

Rhys looked up from his console. “Engineering subsystems, quantum slipstream, science, and deflector control has been our priority so far. The new upgraded phaser arrays will require extra power. We’ve had to redo all the power conduits for that system. They are scheduled to be complete this afternoon or tomorrow. Don’t wanna turn that system on and there but too power and blow up half the ship.” Rhys smiled as he said that last sentence. He picked up a PADD from the far side of his console. “Here’s the current refit schedule. Lieutenant Harrison made a few adjustments yesterday.”

Xander looked at the updated repair schedule and nodded. He glanced up at Rhys. "Listen I know this is yours and Lieutenant Harrison's project, but would you mind if I came over this afternoon and did some work from the bridge? Ship's scheduled to go and pick up Brigadier General Leah-Stone in a few days. I just want to make sure all her tactical systems are in peak condition. You two would still be in overall charge of the refit."

“I have no problem with it,” Rhys responded. “The more hands the better.”

The lift deposited the Betazoid woman in Ops. She was once a common sight in the Command Centers of the fleet, as she served as one of the Federation’s premier Ambassadors for much of her career. Today however, she was not quite as welcome. “Where in Holy Rixx is that mannerless Blue man!” She demanded, strutting through Operations with a nonchalance.

Xander glanced at Lwazanda as she stepped into the Operations Center. He recognized her from an event held at the Presidium in San Francisco several years before. He had not been formally introduced, but the admiral he'd worked for at the time had. He gestured for Rhys to follow him as he stepped forward. "Greetings Ambassador Ral. I am Lieutenant Commander Knight and this is Lieutenant Vaughan. May we be of assistance?"

Rhys stood at attention next to Xander waiting for the ambassador to respond.

“Ambassador Ral!” She scoffed slightly. “ Don’t speak to me as if we’re familiar little boy. Greater men than you have lost a lot doing that .” She continued to look for the XO.

“Ambassador Ral, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but Commander Tullos is away at the moment,” Rhys paused. “I would love the opportunity to assist a great lady such as yourself.” He then brush a lock of his blond hair back into place. “My aunt is Federation ambassador Marcia Alexander and I’ve heard a great many stories about you. It’s a pleasure to actually meet you.”

Xander remained quiet as he observed Rhys work on building a rapport with Lwazanda. He remembered Holly once talk of meeting her, but that was during a diplomatic conference Holly had been too just after two of the had been married.

Lwazanda sneered slightly. “You both seek to flatter me.” She looked between both of them, knowing in a way on a Betazoid could. “I wish to get an update on the construction of my Apartment.”

“Hold on just one minute,” Rhys said as he walked over to the nearby console. He pulled up the construction itenary. He made a almost puzzled look on his face. “It looks like the requested construction plan would take a few weeks to complete. It’s quite a large project and we have a team of engineers working on it. Anything you need in your current quarters in the meantime?”

Xander stood by doing his best to maintain a neutral expression. He was somewhat familiar with the demanding nature of the members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. Some required a subtle touch to placate if they got riled up.

“That is an unacceptable estimate. Allocate more Engineering teams to the project.” She ordered.

Xander gave the barest of sighs. He stepped forward to address Lwazanda's demand. "I will consult with the Chief Operations Officer, but currently there are ongoing repairs on the area flagship which take priority. I am sure Lieutenant Harrison will be able to divert additional teams after the repairs are done."

“I am Lwazanda Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed. Keeper of the Holy Sceptre of Betazed and Protector of the Cyndriel Diadem. I have served the Federation for longer than either of you have been alive!” She bellowed. “What I’m requesting is not outrageous and you’d think that my service would mean something.”

The Irish blood of his mother started to boil inside Rhys and his temper started to flare. Before thinking the words flew out of his mouth. “That just means you’re old!” he snapped back. He paused almost shocked at himself then smiled a devious smile at the Betazoid.

Xander stepped forward at that moment. He glanced quickly Rhys before focussing his attention on Lwazanda. "Madam, this is a secure area. May I recommend you peruse the shops on the Promenade for the time being so I can get your issues addressed." He paused for a moment to set his face in the firm and not about to budge expression. "If need be I can call Station Security to lead you to the Promenade."

Lwazanda put her hand on Xander’s should and nudged him gently to the side as she moved slowly towards Rhys. “I have never been spoken to with such disrespect. I want your full name and service number Lieutenant. I will be speaking with Starfleet Command about your conduct, and I’d be surprised if you still have a single pip left on your collar by tomorrow morning.” She drew a shallow breath and kept her unblinking eyes on Rhys.

After a very uncomfortable minute or so she Relaxed and turned her attention to Xander. “Your estimation simply will not do Commander.” She pursed her lips. “I’ll have the Engineering crew from the Khrysaros join the effort, I assume you can expedite clearance for that?”

Rhys stood at attention next to Xander. He didn’t say a word but let his thoughts do the talking. Hoping the Betazoid was reading his mind. ‘She’s just a wanna be Lwaxanna Troi,’ he thought to himself. ‘One of the worst ambassadors my aunt ever met. Egocentric, arrogant, selfish. Guess no one could put up with her on Betazoid so she ended up here as a thorn in our side.’ He stared back at her as if his eyes were lasers.

Xander took a deep, calming breath. He kept thoughts of how much this woman was being a pain from surfacing and focused on what could be done to explain to meet her demands...within reason. "Your offer to provide additional personnel to for the work on your apartment is appreciated, but I must inform you that all personnel assigned to perform structural modifications on the station are required to be certified by the Chief Operations Officer. I will pass along my personal recommendation that she do so this morning." He paused for a moment before finishing. "Until then, any work being done will be by the crew already assigned to that task. Your complaint will be noted, but I assure you that no regulations will be violated for safeties sake."

“They are Civilian contractors from a Federation world, working on a Civilian residence.” Lwazanda was positively exhausted from this exchange.

Xander nodded. Civilian contractors would be actually easier. Kaylee would only need to speak with their foreman and get copies of their certifications. Once that was done Lwazanda could hire them to start any time she liked. "I'll have the Chief Operations Officer speak to their foreman. I'm sure that we can have everything in order for them to start by early afternoon." He gave Lwazanda a genuine smile, hoping this would be acceptable or at least a close compromise. "If you require anything further I am just a combadge call away. Pleasant day to you madam."

“You’ll inform me when the Commanding Officer is back on board.” Lwazanda didn’t ask, she stated it as if it were already fact.

Xander gave a single nod of his head. "Of course Ambassador. Will there be anything else?"

Before he had finished speaking Lwazanda had already turned on her heel and started towards the lift. “So long Crewman.” she said to Rhys, with a dismissive wave.

Xander waited until after Lwazanda left Ops before turning to Rhys. He gave a shrug of his shoulders and went back to work.


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