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Meeting the Yeomen

Posted on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 10:45pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Ensign Cordell Forgrave
Edited on on Sat Jul 15th, 2017 @ 1:21am

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Colonel's Office
Timeline: October 6, 2388; 1000h - MD2

Cordell felt fairly well rested as he departed sick bay with a sleeping medication and a return to full duty notice. He decided to stop by the Colonel's office before he forgot, so he could actually get some work done and probably end up as an errand boy.

She looked up when she heard the door chime after just returning to her office, "Come," Leah stated as she looked towards the door as it opened to see a young ensign in a red uniform. "How can I help you, ensign?" Leah asked as she looked at the young man.

"Ens Cordell Forgrave. Your new Yeoman." He said, trying to keep from staring at the floor

"Ah please take a seat, there is no need to look at the floor. I won't bite I promise," Leah stated with a smile, "I am sure you have a very reasonable explanation why you are late checking in." Leah added with a soft smile.

Cordell slipped into the offered seat, crossing his arms and closing himself off as much as she could. "I...uh...fell asleep and ended up in Sickbay. I've always had issues with insomnia."

She nodded, "I hope you now have that under control?" Leah asked looking at him.

Cordell nodded--even though he didn't. "Yes, ma'am. I've got it under control and I'm completely ready to serve."

"Very good," Leah stated as she looked at her padd for a moment. "Right now their's nothing much going on except were patrolling the area for any movement or anything coming from the Cardassians or Breen but so far nothing. Their's nothing pressing that I have for you, I am sure if you check with the Executive Officer he could use some help." Leah stated.

They continued to talk for a few more minutes before she dismissed the Ensign to go about his duties.


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