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The Beginning of the End

Posted on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 10:46pm by Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Brigadier General Katana Leah & Colonel Roman Dagara & Lieutenant David Mattis & Lieutenant JG Airik & Lieutenant JG Matthew O'Daire & Ensign Cordell Forgrave & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton
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Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Cardassian/Federation Border
Timeline: October 7, 2388 - 0800h -MD3

Leah was sitting in her chair looking at Commander Ral, "What have you found?" She asked as she was wondering if they found anything.

Derin pursed his lips. "According to our most recent intelligence, there have been no usual movements in the Demilitarized zone." He spoke with a disconnected tone, almost absent.

"Sir," T'Pai interrupted, "I am getting a slight readying coming from Cardassian space near the DMZ." T'Pai her operations officer replied.

Leah looked at her, "Can you see what it is?" Leah asked. "It is hard to determine what exactly it is but from what I could tell it looks like a Cardassian ship but what kind and what they are up to is hard," T'Pai stated.

"Take us to Red Alert, weapons on standby," Leah ordered.

"Aye sir," T'Pai stated as hit a few buttons and the lights dimmed a bit and red started to flash throughout the ship.

"Engineering, I need more power to the sensor array," Leah ordered.

"Understood", Mattis said. Moving to a console, he tapped a few buttons and flipped through energy settings. Finding the one he wanted, he transferred the power and said, "Mattis to the Bridge, power has been routed from the holodeck systems to sensors".

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Leah stated as she ended the comm channel. "Work on getting the sensors calibrated so we can scan the area more of the area to get more information."

"Aye sir, it could take me thirty minutes," T'Pai stated as she needed to make sure it was enough to power and if it isn't calibrated right it will damage systems.

"Very well keep me updated," Leah stated.

Commander Ral moves towards T'Pai and looked over her shoulder as she worked to recalibrate the sensor array.

T'Pai looked at the Commander, "Can I help you?" She asked as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

Derin regarded the Lieutenant. "I don't believe so." He stated with a flatness to his voice that conveyed nothing about the inner workings of his mind.

She sighed and went back to work on recalibrating the sensors.

Upon red alert, Airik noticed the bridge instinctively tense. Adding to the tension were the mention of Cardassians and the Demilitarized Zone. From his training and experience, Airik understood the Cardassians to be a military culture with highly xenophobic tendencies. They were at best of times unwilling adversaries and at the worst of times enemy combatants. The Obsidian Order, a particularly heinous branch of the Cardassian Government, was known to regularly use torture techniques to extract information or as punishment. A complete opposite of the Ba'Ku, Airik tried to find the good through the study Cardassian art. Known for mostly government propaganda literature and sculpture, he came across numerous examples of beautiful works of architecture and painting. He fired up his monitor and continued to review relevant psycho-social attributes that could be relevant should the need arise.

Cordell waited until no one was focused on him to slip onto the bridge and then shake his head slightly at the red alert lights and klaxon.

Doctor Kila Thysev was in her office, reviewing medical records for the crew when she heard the klaxon start to bear. Immediately she jumped to her feet and headed to the main foyer of sick bay. From there she could see the worried faces of her staff. With a deep breath, Kila spoke calmly but loudly. "Alright people, I need all exam rooms fully stocked and staffed immediately. I want three nurses here in the foyer to run triage and I want medical response teams to report to Main Engineering and the Bridge. We all know our jobs and let's get to them." As her people rushed about their assigned tasks Kila couldn't help but beam with pride. No matter what would happen she knew her people would be ready to assist their crew.

In Engineering, it was a scene of coordinated chaos. Mattis has just briefed his people, telling them exactly what he wanted done and how he wanted it, and now they were hurrying about doing various, critical tasks. Mattis himself has just finished putting up a forcefield around the Warp Core. As he finished he turned to a nearby console and began running level one diagnostics on vital ships systems.

O'Daire was dozing off at the helm when the red alert sounded, jerking him awake. Hands shaking slightly, he quickly looked about the bridge before returning his attention to his station. This was his first red alert outside of simulations and drills, and he was quite apprehensive, half-hoping someone would relieve him of his station, but determined to see this situation through. With a steadying breath, he shifted in his seat and braced himself for whatever was to come.

On the Bridge, Roman could hear the klaxons and he hated the sound. It was annoying and reminded him of his time as a Field Medic after he left the USS Horizon. He tapped a few buttons to see what sensors had seen "Tactical give me all information that you can in regards to our situation."

He looked over at the Ullian who was sitting there quietly rubbing her temples. He knew she was sensing something but he couldn't tell anything because he was not part of any race that had telepathic abilities "What do you sense?" he said quietly to her

She looked at him with doe like eyes and nodded "You see much Colonel. I don't know what I sense I am not as strong of telepath as what I would need to be to focus in on it. It's just a feeling that something isn't right,"

In main engineering, Mattis ordered his people to arm themselves, and for force, fields to be to put on all access points. Opening up a comm channel to the Bridge and said, "Mattis to Bridge whats going on up there?"

"Nothing Lieutenant, we just found a ship a drift inside the DMZ we are working on identifying it," Leah stated as she sighed.

"Sir," T'Pai stated, "I have completed to recalibration and have figured out who the ship is, it is a Cardassian Ship that seems to from what I could tell trying to defect to Federation Space for what reason I am not sure of." T'Pai started as she was looking at her readings. "The ship has sustained heavy damage but I am not reading any life signs." She added and looked at the Colonel.

"Can you try to contact the ship to see?" Leah asked.

"I can try," T'Pai stated as she opened frequencies. "USS Cairo to unidentified Cardassian ship, can anyone hear us?" Leah stated with no response, "Please respond anyone need assistance?" Leah stated again with still no luck.

Just then, "Sir we are picking up another Cardassian ship in the area and they are hailing us." T'Pai stated. "Open channel," Leah stated.

"Federation ship, I suggest you leave the area this is no concern of yours." The Cardassian Captain stated.

Leah raised her eyebrow, "This is Colonel Leah of the USS Cairo, do you need any assistance?" Leah asked.

"I will repeat, this is no concern of yours I suggest you leave the area or we will open fire." The Cardassian stated.

"You know as well as I do if you open fire we will defend ourselves and you will be declaring war if you choose to cross into Federation Space," Leah added reminding him of what will happen if they cross into Federation Space.

"This is my last warning," the Cardassian ship stated as he ended the comm channel. "Sir they have raised weapons and they are targeted on us sir," T'Pai stated.

There was nothing they could really do here so she sighed "Helm take us out of here and plot a course back to Roosevelt Station Warp 5." Leah stated as they began to move out of the area. They went to green alert, Leah stood up and walked into her ready room to file reports.



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