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A New Problem

Posted on Sat Jul 15th, 2017 @ 1:06am by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Colonel Roman Dagara & Lieutenant David Mattis & Captain Alec Castillon & Lieutenant JG Airik & Lieutenant JG Matthew O'Daire & Ensign Cordell Forgrave & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton

Mission: S1E3: The Conflict and Resolution
Location: Ready Room - USS Cairo
Timeline: October 11, 2388 - 0800h

Leah was sitting in her ready room as they were on their way back to Roosevelt Station. Everything seemed to be going smoothly as can be, just then she heard her computer go off. She turned it on to a message of high importance pop up. She opened the message and began to read it and was in shock. She shook her head as she tapped her commbadge.

"Attention Senior Staff please report to Observation Lounge in 15 minutes, Lieutenant O'Daire and Ensign Forgrave, please accompany us as well," Leah ordered as she ended the comm channel.

She downloaded the email to a padd and then made her way to the observation lounge and waited for the others to show up.

Locking out his workstation, Mattis replied, "Aye ma'am". Walking out of Engineering and entering a nearby turbolift, he made his way to the bridge. Walking into the Observation Lounge, he smiled and mused to himself, "Well, I may be early, but then no great Engineer was ever late"

Cordell thought it weird he would be asked to attend a senior staff meeting but shrugged it off. If it was the request of the CO or XO he'd do it, that's his job. "Aye, ma'am."

He got up and made his way to the observation lounge, nodding to Mattis and Leah. "Lieutenant. Colonel."

She nodded to both the Lieutenant and the Ensign, "feel free to grab something to drink while we wait for the others to arrive." Leah offered with a smile.

Kila was the next to enter the Lounge, humming a delightful tune while carrying a glass of Golona melon juice and smiled to her crewmates as she took her seat. "Good morning everyone!"

"It's actually my evening, but thank you", Mattis said smiling.

Felicia had been in her quarters having a meal with her daughter and just enjoying some time. She heard the communique informing all senior staff to meet in the observation lounge. She sent out her mind trying to find something family "Stay here my darling" she said and rushed out quickly and to the Observation Lounge.

Felicia entered the room looked around and nodded "Good Evening All" she said and took a seat.

Lt Colonel Dagara had been on the Bridge not in an official capacity but just watching what was going on. He loved sitting on the bridge even while he was officially off duty as he liked watching the stars flying past him. He left the bridge and made his way to the Observation Lounge. He entered slowly letting himself get acclimated to the lounge he hadn't really been in there much. He nodded to the Senior staff who had beaten him there and went and took a seat next to the Ullian senior enlisted lady.

O'Daire quietly entered, uttering a shy "Howdy all," before taking a seat.

Alec walked into the observation lounge carrying with him a large cup of coffee and a PADD. Alec had been with the crew a while, as their Assistant Chief of Security, but had recently received a promotion to Chief Tactical and Security Officer, after the previous officer had bee reassigned last minute. He was up for the challenge, and couldn't wait to get hands on.

Airik entered to see most of the senior staff assembled. He sat down quietly at the table, smiled at anyone whose eyes he caught.

She nodded to everyone as they arrived and once they all were present she started the meeting. "Well, I just received word from Task Force 72 Command that the Cardassians have attacked and retaken Dozaria and Portas V which were given to the Breen during the Dominion War." Leah started as she brought up the screen of the map that shows where they were located just inside the DMZ.

"They have reason to believe it's the work of a known terror group within the Cardassians called the Order of 12 they are known to cause trouble." Leah added, "Task Force Command has dispatched us to render aid to the ships near the area in Federation Space we are not allowed to cross into either space. But we will escort the ships out of the area with the help of the USS Melbourne and the USS Sirus both have been dispatched from Roosevelt Station to the area." Leah stated looking at everyone.

"Any questions?" Leah asked looking at everyone.

"None from me", Mattis said batting his eyes.

Kila turned to the captain. "Do we have any reports on any injuries? "

"The ships we are escorting no they haven't been attacked but are leaving the area just because they don't want any issues. As far as the Cardassians attack on the Breen there is nothing we can do on that front due to we can't enter their space. Plus, the Breen wouldn't be much welcoming even if we did offer assistance." Leah stated as the Breen were not their friends, to say the least.

"Should we ready some medical supplies for transfer, just in case? I would hate for someone to run into a problem before they reach their destination. Most likely they didn't have enough time to stock up before they left." Kila said with obviously genuine concern.

She looked at her, "That would be good, see if Lieutenant Airik can give you a hand with that." Leah stated looking at her Doctor.

If they say 'out of the frying-pan and into the fire' were ever appropriate, now would be the time. Airik considered the players in the upcoming assignment. Airik had pondered the Cardassians quite extensively and so his mind moved to the Breen Confederacy. Physiologically the Breen were quite different from most species encountered by the Federation - no blood, a complex cerebral structure that prevented telepathy, and resilient. Their society and culture were just as enigmatic. Airik focused back on the conversation.

"So you mean to tell me we have to help the Breen and possibly fight the Cardassians. that's just great", Mattis said leaning aginst the wall.

Leah sighed as she looked over to Mattis, "We are not helping either Breen or Cardassians we are escorting Federation Vessels out of the area in Federation Space." Leah stated towards him.

"Permission to speak freely and openly", Mattis asked respectfully.

She looked at him, "go ahead, Lieutenant." Leah stated as she sighed.

"I will do my duty, I will follow orders, but honestly I think the Breen should have been allowed to wipe out the Cardassians during the battle of Cardassia Prime", he finished his face turning red. And he added, "I don't trust the Breen, but I trust them more than the Cardassians, who are liars, sneaky, have a superiority complex, a big one, and will stab you in the back, literally and metaphorically and not think twice about it", he finished, this time his face was blood red and pouring sweat. Just thinking about Cardassians made him feel and look this way.

Leah signed as she shook her head, "I understand your feelings, but please keep your anger under control." Leah stated sternly looking at him.

"Understood Ma'am, I will, I just needed to voice those thoughts is all".

At the mention of fighting the Breen, Cordell got visibly upset and had sunk down in his chair, but now that the Cardassians were in the picture, he stood up and headed for the door, figuring he could explain later--if they wanted to know.

She watched him leave but she'll make a point to talk to him later.

"Well if there isn't anything else you are dismissed, we will leave immediately," Leah stated as she watched her staff leave the Observation Lounge to go to their perspective stations. Once they left she picked up her things and exited the observation lounge as well and went to the bridge and sat down in her chair.


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