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Change of Course

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 12:47pm by Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Brigadier General Katana Leah & Colonel Roman Dagara & Lieutenant David Mattis & Captain Alec Castillon & Lieutenant JG Airik & Lieutenant JG Matthew O'Daire & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton
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Mission: S1E3: The Conflict and Resolution
Location: USS Cairo
Timeline: October 11, 2388 - 0900h - MD1

Leah was sitting on the bridge, "Lieutenant O'Daire please set a course for the Breen/Cardassian border again maximum warp." Leah ordered as she sat there.

"Aye cap'n," O'Dare said, tapping in the appropriate commands on his console. He sat back as the ship went to warp, pondering the situation at hand.

She looked at her Executive Officer. "Hopefully we don't run into trouble while we help the Federation assets in the area evacuate the area," Leah stated as she really didn't like what was going on. She had a very bad feeling about this, but she would follow orders.

Roman laughed and quickly let his smile fade as he pretended now to be nervous "Uh oh now that you said that you have jinxed us. We are doomed, doomed I say" he giggled then not able to keep his face as impassive or straight in the least. Roman started to tap on the keypad as he wanted to ensure that he was fully aware of what this ship was capable of and was ready for anything.

She nodded and shook her head, "I am sure I have I am good at that." Leah stated as she looked at her XO.

T'Pai was sitting at operations as she stayed quiet, something must be happening if they were heading back where they just came from a few days prior. Then a note came across her screen explaining the just of what they were doing. She nodded then went back to work without saying a word keeping track of anything going on while they were on their way.

Jon was sitting at the engineering station as it was his shift to do so, he kept an eye on the systems to make sure they stay up to par and they don't have any issues while they were at warp.

Mattis, having just replaced a burnt out console on deck 6, was now crawling through the Jeffries tube with a tool kit, tuning up and tweaking the iso-linear circuitry and the EPS conduits as he went. It was a dirty, hot job but he loved it and would not trade it for anything in the universe.

Kila checked her PADD and verified the contents of the crate that now sat on the cargo transporter. This crate was the fifth of a series that she and her staff had filled with a wide variety of medical supplies that should prepare the evacuees for anything short of a biological epidemic. Ideally, she would personally evaluate each refugee but given the sheer number of them, there was no time. This was the best she could do and she was making sure it was done right.

Airik was seated on the bridge, watching the expertise of the crew prepare for what was likely to be a difficult mission. Even non-empaths could sense a tension. A healthy amount of anxiety and stress would help keep the crew acutely aware of their purpose and work. Too much could be catastrophic. It was his role to be sure they stayed on the right amount.

She looked at Captain Castillon, "How's everything on your end?" She asked as she looked at the young officer in green.

Alec looked up from working on his console to look at the Colonel. "Everythings good here Colonel, tactics showing green across the board, and my security teams are in the position should there be any unwanted guests. Anything you need from me?" He asked, showing a small smile. He may be young, however, he was experienced.

"Not at this time," Leah stated with a smile

She looked around the room and didn't see her yeoman, she figured he was busy running errands or something. If she didn't see him soon she finds out what was going on in private.



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