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Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 2:31pm by Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Brigadier General Katana Leah & Colonel Roman Dagara & Lieutenant David Mattis & Captain Alec Castillon & Lieutenant JG Matthew O'Daire & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton

Mission: S1E3: The Conflict and Resolution
Location: USS Cairo
Timeline: October 11, 2388 - 1400h

T'Pai looked up at the Colonel, "sir we have arrived." She stated as she looked at her, "Take us to Yellow Alert no weapons, but keep them on standby." Leah ordered as she also ordered for the Cairo to make a complete stop. The other two starships would arrive within the next hour or so.

"Aye sir," T'Pai stated as she placed the ship under yellow alert and started scanning the area. "Sir we are being hailed by one of the ships," T'Pai added. "On screen," Leah ordered as she looked at the screen as it came on. "Are you here to escort us?" Asked the Captain of one of the ships. "Yes, we will begin escorting as soon as the other two ships arrive within the hour," Leah stated as she looked at the Captain.

"Very well we are ready when you are." The Captain replied the ended the comm channel. Leah raised an eyebrow and shook her head, "Very talkative." She stated to no one in particular. "T'Pai keep open scans active keep an eye out for any activity from either," Leah stated as she sat there waiting for the Sirus and Melbourne to arrive.

Roman sat beside the Senior Colonel keeping his mind on what he saw. The ship was ready and he was sure that if something happened that they were ready for whatever could be. This should be an easy mission for them as it was a simple duty. "Colonel. May I suggest we run scans on our weapons systems as well as Navigation controls as we need to ensure we are on peak performance?"

Leah was about to say something before Jon Thompson piped up, "Already on that sir," Jon replied as he couldn't help but over hear Roman's suggestion. "Will give you an update within twenty minutes," Jon replied as he got to work on his work station.

Dagara loved a crew who actually listened and acted very quickly. "Thank you," he said and sat and waited patiently.

Piping up from a Jeffries tube on deck 7, Mattis said, "Mattis to Bridge, Weapons are at 110 percent peak efficiency, however, I request a nav system check over".

At the helm, O'Daire had just finished a quick diagnostic. "Nav systems are looking good from here," he reported, "I'm reading green across the board."

Leah just nodded, "Thank you." Leah stated as she sat there, the two ships were due to arrive very soon so they can start escorting the ships out of the area that wished to leave. These were mainly freighters and other ships that didn't have the firepower to defend themselves if they had any issues.

Alec was sitting at his station on the bridge, checking the status of the weapons and shields, making sure they were ready to activate at a second notice.

"Mattis to Colonel", he said, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"What is is Mattis?" Leah asked looking around the bridge.

"I'm in a Jeffries tube on deck 7, did anyone up there hear my request for Navigation systems check?".

Leah sighed for a moment, "Yes and as O'Daire replied that everything is looking good from his console." Leah stated as she sighed

Remaining calm, Mattis replied, "Sorry about that, I did not receive his reply, I can not ascertain at the moment if it's the tube, my combadge malfunctioning, or a glitch in the com system that caused that."

"Very well, Colonel out," Leah stated.

"That's great", Mattis said talking to himself while he was climbing down the Jeffries tube, climbed down the ladder and out onto deck 7, "Now there is a bug somewhere, and I have to find it. Replace the tube access cover, he picked up his toolkit and started to Main Engineering.

T'Pai looked up from her screen, "Sir the USS Melbourne and USS Sirus have arrived." She replied, "Thank you send a message to both Captain's with the plan of action I will have the Cairo near the borders while the other two are spread a bit out but within striking distance if need be." Leah ordered as T'Pai nodded and sent out the message.

Both Captain's acknowledged the message and she turned to Lieutenant O'Daire, "Take us closer to the borders," Leah ordered.

"Aye cap'n," O'Daire replied, slight apprehension showing in his voice. He tapped a few commands into his console. "Taking us closer."

"T'Pai keep us at yellow alert, keep all sensors on scanning for anything out of the ordinary. Also, alert the convoy that we are ready to begin the evacuation of the area.

"Aye sir," T'Pai stated as sensors kept scanning the area while they moved towards their destination. Everyone would be on edge not knowing what could happen.

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