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Relaxation from Stress!

Posted on Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 @ 11:22pm by Sara Bradley & Brigadier General Katana Leah

Mission: S1E3: The Conflict and Resolution
Location: Quarters
Timeline: October 11, 2388 - 1200h - MD1

Leah decided that she was going to go back to her quarters to tend to her son that was born a few days ago that was being taken care of by the nanny as she still needed to run the ship. She wanted to spend some time with them before they arrived and she would be busy dealing with escorting the ships out of the area.

She left Colonel Dagara in charge while she was away, she walked in and see her nanny sitting there on the couch while her son was in the bassinet next to her sleeping peacefully. She smiled, "How has he been doing?" She asked Sara as she sat on the couch next to her.

"He's been a perfect little sweetheart, he's such a good baby." She said happily as he slept. "He's a good eater too, haven't had any issues with him so things have been going well," Sara stated with a smile.

"That's good to hear, he has been sleeping through the night the last couple nights I have actually gotten a good night sleep," Leah stated as that is unusual for a newborn but some are different than others. Sara shared the joining room in her quarters so that way she would always be there if she would need to leave in the middle of the night to deal with a situation.

"That's good to hear, would you like something to eat?" Sara asked looking at her as she was also basically her housekeeper along with nanny to take some of the load off of her. "Actually yes I am hungry, surprise me on what you'll make." Leah smiled as she sat there just watching her son sleep so peacefully.

Sara nodded and walked to the kitchen and started to cook, she was cooking chicken, fried potatoes, and vegetables. Something that Leah likes and she wanted to make sure she gets a good meal before she went back on duty.

Leah just sat there in peace and quiet, the food was smelling good and she was feeling relaxed. She seemed to have dozed off and about an hour later Sara gently touches Leah's shoulder to wake her up to let her know that lunch was ready. Leah woke up and smiled, "Did you have a good little rest?" Sara asked looking at her. "I did thank you," Leah stated as she looked at her son who was still sleeping peacefully.

She got up and walked to the kitchen table and sat down, the lunch looked and smelled delicious. "You out did yourself this time Sara," Leah smiled as she took a bit and it melted in her mouth. "This is delicious!" Leah stated as she smiled.

"Thank you, that is one thing I took away from my grandmother before she passed, she taught me all I know about cooking," Sara stated as she took a bit as well. "Well your grandmother taught you well, " Leah stated with a smile.

Sara smiles as they continue to eat after Leah was finished she looked at the time, "Well we should be arriving soon so I better get back to the bridge. Contact me if anything serious happens," Leah stated as she got up placed her plate in the replicator. She walked over gently kissing her son on the top of the head but careful not to wake him she walked out of her quarters and headed towards the bridge.


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